Monday, May 10, 2010

Obama Yet Again Obeys and Rewards the Jews Who Groomed Him and Installed Him in the White House

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

For years now, I have been explaining how the Jews first groomed Barack Obama and then installed him in the White House. I quoted Abner Mikva's line that Obama is our first Jewish President in the following videos, which detail how the Jews guaranteed the success of Obama's bid to become President:

Obama and the Bankers

Obama and the Bankers: Part 2

Almost a century before the Jews manufactured the Obama presidency, the Jews groomed Woodrow Wilson and then placed him in the White House pursuant to a plan laid out by his Jewish boss Edward Mandell House. Soon after, the Jews blackmailed Wilson and forced him to place the terribly unpopular shyster lawyer and Frankist Jew Louis Brandeis on the Supreme Court.

Wilson, like Obama, served the Jewish bankers well, giving them the Federal Income tax and the Federal Reserve, as well as American involvement in the Jewish manufactured First World War and the first Zionist Jew Supreme Court Justice. Obama gave the Jews trillions of dollars in a bailout which I predicted would take place long before Obama was elected.

Wilson's nomination of a much hated criminal Jew generated a terrible scandal. Today, we face the prospect that the Court will entertain a grossly disproportionate 1/3 Jewish composition, despite the fact that Jews only constitute a scant 2 odd percent of the overall population of the United States. Note that the seat is an unelected position and is for life. Nothing could be more undemocratic than this Jewish over representation on the Supreme Court, and nothing could be more corrupt than its creation through Jewish installed Presidents to create Jewish manufactured precedents.

Prof. Kevin MacDonald sounded the alarm one year ago:

Elena Kagan: Jewish Ethnic Networking Eases the Path of a Liberal/Leftist to the Supreme Court

When will all our talk and precisely accurate forecasting of these events translate into political action by you to rescue America from the Jewish onslaught? Why do we allow this hostile minority to destroy us? What more do you expect me, MacDonald, and the others who are fighting this fight for you, to do before you do something for yourself? Do you think we have accidently made all these highly accurate predictions, but are somehow mistaken when we inform you that the Jews desire to completely destroy you and tear your name from the book of life? Are you unwilling to take even the most basic steps towards preserving your own life and that of your descendants?

Kagan will go after our fundamental right to free speech whether or not she is appointed to the Supreme Court. The Jews want to silence me. Where will we be if the Jews succeed in silencing the truth? Is it so difficult for you to support those of us taking enormous risks to bring you this truth? Is it so hard for you to support a political effort to save America from the Jews?

What have the Jews stolen from you just in the past couple of years, 20%plus on the value of your home? Is that not enough to grab your attention? How much do they expect to collect on the national debt they are ever increasing? Look at how long and how much England has paid to the Jewish usurers over the centuries for national debts which were never in their best interests?

But the financial loss is insignificant compared to the damage done to our rights, even our rights to sovereignty which affords us the ability to safeguard our other rights. Obama's Kagan(ovich) hates our right of free speech. Like Jewish (In)justice Ginsburg, Kagan(ovich) will always and only do what is good for the Jews. Look at what the Jews have done to Russia, to know what the Jews expect is good for the Jews.

Kagan(ovich), like Obama, is another protégé of Abner Mikva. Like Obama, Kagan(ovich) comes from the Jewish dominated "Christian" universities of Harvard and the University of Chicago. It is an undemocratic insiders game the Jews are playing at our expense. Is the Jewish media outraged at this rigged insider trading? Hardly so, they rejoice, and yet some Jews have the chutzpah to ask, "How dare you generalize about the Jews?"