Monday, May 24, 2010

The Paradox Hidden in Pandora's Box: America, NOT Iran, Is the Primary Target of the Jewish Desire for an American Attack on Iran

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews are pushing Americans to wage a war of aggression on Iran. Their war drum is stretched out from overuse, and beats a dull thud, but the Jews nevertheless continue to pound it.

But the curious things is that the Jews are looting the American economy at the very time they should be bolstering it, if they truly sought to build up America as a battering ram with which to knock out the Middle East. Yet the indisputable facts remain, the Jews are stealing trillions of dollars from us and at the same time are attempting to provoke us into war. This must be a coordinated attack on the United States, with the primary goal being to take down America and with it the World, not to destroy Iran, which is more of a tertiary objective of the Jews.

Consider also the fact that the Jews keep us in Iraq and Afghanistan, though both countries would descend more quickly into chaos were it not for our presence. Yet it is an indisputable fact that the Jews engineered the American attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan, so that we see here too that the primary target for ruin is the USA, and with US the World, not first and foremost the Muslim nations.

It is true that the ongoing and entirely unnecessary and self destructive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are very profitable, but these profits pale by comparison to the potential oceans of milk and honey the cash cow of the USA could produce if production and prosperity and profits were the goals. Rather than being the incentive for the Jews, the profits of these wars are instead the bait to keep a corrupt American elite in bed with the Jews as the Jews destroy America.

Immigration abuse and the deliberate destruction of the American educational system and the corrosion of the White European professional class in favor of Jewry and immigrants also reduces the profits which otherwise might be had from harvesting America, but as was and is the case with Russia, the Jews prefer profits that also destroy the land and the people and are unsustainable, because the goal of the Jews is to eliminate both countries and their peoples.

Since the Jews have so weakened us economically and spiritually, the Jews will push us to use nuclear weapons on the Iranians as a cost and life saving measure, which is the same rationale which was employed the last time we incinerated human beings with atomic bombs in Japan. However, just as the Jews now lie and deny that they pushed us to attack Iraq, they will lie and deny that they pushed us to war with Iran and instead will scapegoat us for this primarily Jewish crime (we do share in the blame!).

After America has committed this horrific crime at the behest of the Jews, the Jews will then condemn us as madmen to all other nations around the World and the international community will be encouraged to attack us, but first the Jews will seek to have us languish in shame, showing us images of "our" crime, while the Jews concurrently use their media and political power to vilify us around the World, as they did to the Sultan of the Turkish Empire, the Czar of Russia, and the German Nation. Then the Jews will drive to have all American nuclear weapons surrendered to them either through an international organization under their direct control, or by transferring them to Israel. This assumes that the Jews fail to instigate the nuclear world war they seek.

Our nuclear arsenal (and more generally our military strength) is one of the few things we have left which makes us powerful and sovereign. The Jews want to take it from us, if they can manage to do so.

It is clear that the Jews do not intend for America to survive much longer. They are placing their gold bugs in Congress to be the next Aldriches and a gold standard is the easiest method for them to internationalize America. They are encouraging a wave of immigration to dilute and confuse us. They are pitting us one against the other. The end is near if we do not assert our power.

More so than Iraq, Aghanistan and Iran, the Jews want to destroy us, America. Ponder for a moment the fact that the Jews led the Soviets to attack Afghanistan right on schedule for their intended destruction of the Soviet Empire. Do you believe it is mere coincidence that they are bringing down the curtain on us in a trillion ways at the same time they have us bogged down in Afghanistan?