Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A POWER PARTY Campaign Ad Idea

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



I have an idea for a POWER PARTY campaign ad. It would be a cartoon of a giant, regal, powerful and proud bald eagle circling over America. The eagle would spot an Israeli flag flying over the White House and swoop down and tear it to shreds with a look of disgust and contempt. The eagle would chase the rabbis and the banker lobbyists from the Capital Building like Christ chasing the money changers from the Temple. Then the eagle would rest on the Washington Monument and take flight to survey the rest of America.

Seeing American jobs taken by foreigners, the eagle would clutch them in its talons and return them to their native lands, prodding them with its beak to rejoin their fellow countrymen. Then the eagle would circle the globe and withdraw American military from their battles against innocent peoples, then place them around Israel and the borders of our nation.

The eagle would read Jewish written headlines attacking it in newspapers and on television, and chase the Jews out of the press, then bring in normal Americans to take their place and who then sing the praises of the guardian angel eagle. The eagle would peel the faces off of prominent crypto-Jews and reveal their family names.

The eagle would chase the Jews out of the Federal Reserve and toss them into prison, then drop bags of money with a dollar sign and the word "JOBS!" stenciled on them over fields that would sprout into ripe crops, and bags of money over automobile and aircraft factories that would turn into cars and airplanes, drop sacks of cash into homeless families' hands that would turn into houses and meals on the dinner table. Finally, the eagle would carry our candidate to the White House and return contented to the mountains to nest in peace, satisfied that America had been returned to the Americans.

The closing image would be the face of our candidate gazing upward with a soft smile on his lips, and the eagle's head in subdued light over his shoulder looking down with approval on our candidate, with the eagle as America's guardian angel, and the slogan, "POWER PARTY It's your future AMERICA!"