Friday, May 28, 2010

Purposeful Politics: Broadening Our Base While Educating Our People

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I believe that iterating a party platform and campaigning can be productive and beneficial ends in themselves whether or not victory is achieved in elections. For example, the POWER PARTY and/or Dr. David Duke can accomplish much by proposing that if elected we will recognize the Jewish genocides of history, including the Armenian Genocide, the Holodomor, the many attacks on Arabs, the victims of Jewish Communism generally, the genocide of the Irish, the genocide of East Indians, etc.

Raising awareness of these Jewish genocides of non-Jews will educate the country as to the danger the Jew poses to the human being. At the same time, it will broaden our political base and inspire various ethnicities to become politically active against Jewish power. It is also an issue that we alone will own.

In this way, money and time spent towards political objectives will not be wasted even if we are not elected. That is what I mean by "purposeful politics", as opposed to say the "pointless politics" of the Ron Paul presidential bid in the last election.