Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ron Paul and the "Jewish Batman"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

When asked who is his favorite comic book super hero, Ron Paul responded that it is "Baruch Wane" a Jew version of Batman who attempts to rescue the Jewish economics of Ludwig von Mises from the National Socialists. I suspect Ron Paul's vision of himself is closer to being a Jewish "Superman", a mild mannered crypto who hides his true nature and whose sole purpose is to bolster Jewish interests and who does so in disguise, one that has now been revealed for all to see by his son, Rand.

Ayn Rand stole the idea of the psychopathic Uebermensch from Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment and the character Raskolnikov. It is troubling that Rand Paul loves this book and Ayn Rand's philosophy which glorifies the psychopath and strips from the leader even Raskolnikov's meager conscience. Zionist Max Nordau told us that our leaders would come from the Jews and would be psychopaths, and so we have the Pauls.

Even Ron Paul's fantasy world is dominated by Jews. He would never do anything political unless he thought that it was good for the Jews. His push for a gold standard is an entirely Jewish orchestrated maneuver behind the scenes. Just as the Jews deliberately used "Lenin" and "Stalin" to put Goy faces to Jewish internationalism, they are using the Pauls to put Goy faces on Jewish internationalism, but the mask is now coming off and the "collectivism" of the Jews and the "internationalism" and Zionism of the Jews is as plain on a Paul's face as it was on "Ayn Rand's" face (can't these Communist Jews ever use their birthnames?).

I have observed that "Libertarians" are cut of the same prayer shawl as their cousins, Zionists and Communists. They absolutely love meaningless and transparently hypocritical jargon; are overabundantly arrogant, condescending and didactic while being full of crap; and are ruthless and deceptive fanatics, who hide their true aims behind threadbare platitudes they would spin into whole cloth.

These supposed "anti-collectivists" flock together and speak in their stupid common code, which makes them feel as privileged and members of an in-group as Freemasons. Everything about them has the foul odor of the Communists permeating the air.

I again issue the warning, these Jewish revolutionaries will bring the same disaster to America that the Jews brought to Russia in 1905 and 1917, if they succeed. They work entirely and exclusively for Jewish interests and reek of Jewry even in their fantasy lives, and speaking of fantasy lives, how is it that the Pauls are forming a political dynasty in America, if not with the not-so-hidden hand of the Jews guiding their fate?