Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spreading the Load So the Cart Does Not Topple Over

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Illegal immigration affects different States in different ways, and to different degrees. The Federal Government has been lax in defending the national borders and it is primarily the States which suffer from this neglect, some much more than others.

Certain States pay a high price for illegal immigration, including prison costs, education costs, and medical care costs. In an attempt to force the Nation as a whole to address this problem, and in order to streamline and create ubiquitous standards for the processing of illegals, and non-citizens generally, perhaps we should enact Federal Laws which grant the Feds jurisdiction and responsibility for the crimes of non-citizens, for their education if any, and for their medical care.

Non-citizens would still be subject to State and local laws, such that they would gain no advantage to be above the laws of any given jurisdiction, but at the discretion of the local law enforcement, a non-citizen charged with drug offenses, murder or rape could be turned over to the Feds for processing, prosecution and incarceration. The Federal Government could establish a death penalty for illegals for rape and murder, which, in the case of non-citizens, would become Federal crimes. In cases where contagious disease is discovered, illegals could be quarantined (if not deported) with far more restrictive measures than are employed against American citizens, or legal aliens.

This national problem would then force all citizens to pay a price for the failure of the Nation to solve it. A firm and unforgiving Federal standard, without sanctuary States, would discourage illegal immigration. The high costs of maintaining a welfare state for illegals would encourage all Americans to demand secure borders and the expulsion of illegals (however, this, too, should be done in a rational way that favors our national interests by allowing for limited amnesty in cases which forward our national goals).

At the same time, we should promote economic development in those nations from which the illegals flow. And we should fill the labor void at home with American labor and advanced technology, and create a rational policy for legal immigration that serves our national interests and maintains our national complexion.