Monday, May 31, 2010

Turkey Should Send Another Fleet of Humanitarian Aid to the Suffering Palestinians, Accompanied by the Turkish Navy and Air Force

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Turkey should preserve its honor and help the suffering Palestinians by escorting another humanitarian aid convoy to Gaza with the full might of the Turkish military. The Arab governments should join the effort with the full support of their military forces.

We cannot allow governments to do to human beings what the Jews are doing to the Palestinians and what the Jews did to the humanitarians who sought to help their fellow human beings with relief aid.

The Turks have the support of the Persians and the Arab people will be behind them even if their governments continue to side with the Jews against the Palestinians.

Make the announcement, then let the Jews respond. Then flood the World with media showing what the Jews are doing to defenseless human beings. Produce dramatic movies of the now numerous Jewish attacks on humanitarian vessels. Show how cowardly and cruel the Jews are and helpless yet brave are those the Jews attack. Then show that you are not afraid of them.

Turkey, stop wasting money denying the Armenian Genocide and instead use your influence and funds to demonstrate the facts of history that the "Young Turks" were old Jews. Rest assured the Jews will now try to throw the word "genocide" in your faces in their media and in governments, so you will have to face the issue no matter what. Stop sucking up to your enemy and instead counter-attack. This will not only defuse the Jewish campaign to blackmail and smear you, it will also take away the Jews' political weapon of the Holocaust because the Jews themselves will be shown to be genocidal mass murderers.

Armenians, if you are wise, you should have your government condemn the Jewish attack on the Turks and offer your condolences to the families of the Turks murdered. It is at times like these that great progress can be made toward forwarding your international interests without giving up anything. A statement of support at this time for those who were criminally slain will win you much good will with the Turkish people and you sacrifice nothing in your search for justice for like crimes of the past.