Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We Do Not Need or Want a Revolution: We Need a Defensive War Against the Enemy Usurpation of Our Nation by the Jews

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews are attempting to provoke us to attack ourselves with a revolution. The Jews often attempt to weaken nations with national strikes, market crashes, wars, etc. in order to render them ripe for revolution. The present talk of revolution originates with the Jews and the Jews intend to destroy us with a revolution, which will in actuality be a Jewish counter-revolution against the American Revolution.

We do not need to destroy our government, our industry, our agriculture or our society. On the contrary, we need to purge our government, our industry, our agriculture and our society of the enemy Jews who have usurped our country and led us on a path to our ultimate demise.

We do not need a revolution and we do not need to destroy ourselves. We need to fight a war on the enemy that is destroying us.

We should not be talking about waging a war on ourselves with a revolution, rather we should declare a war on the Jews who declared war on us some 2,500 years ago.

We do not need an alternative tax scheme to the Federal Income tax, we can instead largely or completely eliminate it and all other taxes by regulating loan capital and the money supply. We do not need or want a monetary system based on precious metals. Instead we need and should desire a monetary system based on the productive capacity of American labor and American natural resources, which are abundant and highly competitive internationally, but even were they not, could still sustain an Autarkic system in America.

We do not need to merely curb illegal immigration, but we must also correct the abuse of legal immigration to change our national complexion and end the corruption of society to render it disunited and international. We must also improve the education, industry, professional classes, and loan capital structures of our society to render us independent and internationally competitive. Merely chasing out the illegal will accomplish none of these needed measures.

Government will have to play a large role in these reforms and new initiatives, and those who want to weaken our government and ask us to champion the policies of our own demise are merely latching on to immigration issues and gun rights, so that they can ultimately internationalize us by weakening our government, let our society go to pot, and allow international wealth to rule every facet of our lives for the purposes of exploitation rather than the improvement of the lot of the average American. The gold standard is meant to take away our sovereignty and render us slaves to international bankers who will then control our national money supply and create an international monetary system based on the fraud of gold in reserve, which they do not in fact possess.

We do not need or want revolution in America. We do not need or want to wage war on ourselves.

We need and must declare a war on the enemy who has usurped us, a war on the hostile, aggressive and parasitic enemy Jews.