Monday, May 10, 2010

What Will Wolf Blitzer Say If Duke Runs and Wins?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I wonder if Wolf Blitzer will have the chutzpah to preface David Duke's name in Blitzer's broadcasts with "former KKK leader and President of the United States David Duke" should Duke run for and win the presidency. What about the Sergeant at Arms at the State of the Union Address presumably under a Jewish controlled Speaker of the House, would he annually announce "Former KKK member and the President of the United States"?

I have seen Clinton and Obama don yarmulkas. If Duke has a tongue in cheek sense of humor he could pull out a cone hat and some knotted rope to ease the tension at Jewish dominated press club meetings.

All joking aside, when (I think he will) Duke runs it will serve as a testing grounds for something new, which I will call "quiet canvassing". We have secret ballots in America, and that anonymous moment is the only place a person's vote counts. Some may feel very uncomfortable openly supporting Duke, for fear of retaliation. I wonder though, if the media attack on Duke will backfire on the Jews, and people will abandon "quiet canvassing" in favor of open support in the form of yardsigns, bumper stickers and door to door visits. Ironically, the hoods of the Klan have, in the long term, worked against the interests of those who wore them, hoping for anonymity.

I can't see Duke supporters attaining much success by simply networking behind closed doors. They will have to turn out at rallies in support of Duke so that it does not appear that he has no support. Perhaps a new less confrontational means of maintaining anonymity can be designed for these rallies for those who elect not to show their faces, such as a "Duke hat", while still being provocative enough to get noticed and create a sense of power and common purpose. This could potentially generate publicity, interest and excitement for the campaign, and serve as a source of revenue. It could be done with a touch of humor and bear a statement on a t-shirt something like, "You'd be surprised who is voting for David Duke. Join us! When we win you'll know it was us by the smile on our faces." Or, "Aren't you ashamed you live in a country where Whites have to hide from our pride?"

Duke supporters should push law enforcement, local and federal, to vigorously prosecute anyone who interferes with a citizen's right to support Duke without fear of harassment, vandalism, job loss, or other forms of intimidation and attack. I do not support hate crimes legislation, but I also do not support the selective enforcement of the laws to favor one group while harming another group.

It is a shame that this segregation baggage has to be carried along with the uphill climb to unseat Jews from power, but who knows, maybe it will spark nationwide interest and exposure of the Jews resulting in an American awakening. I know in the area in which I grew up, the hearts of the majority of people beat with Duke, though mine does not. I also know that most non-Whites I have met think exactly like he does and the double standard for criticism is outrageous.