Saturday, May 08, 2010

White Nationalist Support of Libertarian Candidates, a Case of Unrequited Love?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is well known that the Jewish gold cartel behind the Libertarian Party hatched a plot to seduce White Nationalists into uniting with Libertarians to support gold bug candidates who would place America on some form of a gold standard currency. Some White Nationalists have foolishly looked to Ayn Rand and Ludwig von Mises for their political and economic philosophies, unaware or unconcerned that those Jewish subversives were working for the Jewish bankers as controlled opposition to the bankers.

Though White Nationalists have supported Jewish controlled gold bug candidates like Ron Paul both financially and with their votes, I know of no instance where Libertarians have led campaign funding drives or organized canvassing efforts for White Nationalist candidates. Perhaps someone can inform if such a thing has ever happened, or is in the works.

Ayn Rand's subversive doctrine that "selfishness is good" appeals and is intended to appeal most strongly to psychopaths. The Jewish subversion of the White Nationalist movement also has deliberately targeted psychopaths so as to guarantee the failure of the movement. I suspect that these psychopaths among White Nationalists and Libertarians are more of a liability than an asset, and that it would be wise to purge them from the ranks should we ever succeed in coopting these two forces.

I raise this point to illustrate how exploitive are the Jews behind the Libertarians. They want to open up America to foreign Jewish exploitation and internationalized economic power, such that the American People have absolutely no say over their destiny. Government is not the only means of exercising power, and the Jews prefer to exercise their economic power over their governmental power because it is more profitable, works more quickly and is a more efficient means to subvert and destroy a nation.

The Jews exploit psychopaths and those with a conflict of interests to subvert political movements which are otherwise authentically opposed to Jewish power and Jewish influence. The Jews have encouraged White Nationalists and Libertarians to invest in gold, thereby creating a conflict of interest between which economic and monetary policies best serve American national interests, and which policies potentially offer those investors the greatest hopes of windfall profits. I suggest that we demand that those offering up political opinions disclose their connections to the banks, and to the gold cartel, either as investors, or players, in the banking and/or gold industry.

The major "Patriot" radio outlets are mouthpieces for the gold cartel and have spawned subversives with ties to both gold and the banks. They openly peddle gold but never discuss their own conflict of interest when they push us to support gold bug candidates.

One of the many "tells" that these Jews are out to exploit and ultimately destroy the White Nationalists is the fact that they court the White Nationalists' support, fill their heads with Jewish cow dung, but never provide their support for White Nationalists. The Jews will do the same to America if they succeed in seducing Americans to clamor for a gold standard and open up our resources to absolutely unregulated exploitation.

No alliance with the Jews ever succeeds. The Jews always and only do what is best for the Jews, and they believe that the absolute destruction of Gentiles is best for the Jews.

The Jews have long viewed White Europeans as the greatest threat to their plans for World domination. The Jews would never throw their support behind any effort they thought would authentically undermine their interests in World conquest.