Saturday, May 15, 2010

Winning the "Christian" Zionist Vote for the POWER PARTY in 2012

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

When Mel Gibson released his film The Passion of the Christ in 2004, the Jews came out strongly against it and him, declaring that they feared it would incite Christians against Jews. . . by accurately portraying the Gospels. Unfortunately, Gibson's film failed to alert Christians to the dangers of their mortal enemies, the Jews.

In order to tear the vampire fangs out of the Jewish smear of "anti-Semitism", I propose we make another film, The Jewish Passion of the Christ. Just as Gibson took his script from the New Testament, we will take ours from the Jewish Talmud, which states, referring to Christ as "Balaam",

"Balaam also the son of Beor, the soothsayer, [did the children of Israel slay with the sword].3 A soothsayer? But he was a prophet! — R. Johanan said: At first he was a prophet, but subsequently a soothsayer.4 R. Papa observed: This is what men say, 'She who was the descendant of princes and governors, played the harlot with carpenters.'5 Did the children of Israel slay with the sword among them that were slain by them.6 Rab said: They subjected him to four deaths, stoning, burning, decapitation and strangulation.7"—I. Epstein, Sanhedrin 106a-b, "Sanhedrin II", The Babylonian Talmud, Volume 28, The Soncino Press, London, (1935), pp. 721-729, at 725.

Jesus ridiculed the scribes and Pharisees (Matthew 22; 23. Mark 7; 12:38-40. Luke 11. John 8). That was just one of the reasons why the Jews killed Jesus in the New Testament story (see also: John 5:15-18), and that is one of the reasons why the Jewish Talmud says that Jesus is boiling in excrement in hell. The Jewish Talmud, in tractate Erubin 21b, states (see also: Sanhedrin 88b),

"[A]s to the laws of the Scribes, whoever transgresses any of the enactments of the Scribes incurs the penalty of death. [***] This8 teaches that he who scoffs at the words of the Sages will be condemned to boiling excrements. [***] [F]or [neglecting] the words of the Rabbis3 one deserves death[.]"—I. Epstein, Erubin 21b, "Erubin", The Babylonian Talmud, Volume 9, The Soncino Press, London, (1938), pp. 148-151, at 149-150.

The Jewish Talmud tells Jews in Gittin 57a that Jesus is boiling in hell in hot excrement and semen, which is his curse for questioning Jewish authority,

"He then went and raised Balaam by incantations. He asked him: Who is in repute in the other world? He replied: Israel. What then, he said, about joining them? He replied: Thou shalt not seek their peace nor their prosperity all thy days for ever.[Footnote: Deut. XXIII, 7.] He then asked: What is your punishment? He replied: With boiling hot semen.[Footnote: Because he enticed Israel to go astray after the daughters of Moab. V. Sanh. 106a.] He then went and raised by incantations the sinners of Israel.[Footnote: {MS.M. Jesus}.] He asked them: Who is in repute in the other world? They replied: Israel. What about joining them? They replied: Seek their welfare, seek not their harm. Whoever touches them touches the apple of his eye. He said: What is your punishment? They replied: With boiling hot excrement, since a Master has said: Whoever mocks at the words of the Sages is punished with boiling hot excrement. Observe the difference between the sinners of Israel and the prophets of the other nations who worship idols."—I. Epstein, Gittin 57a, "Gittin", The Babylonian Talmud, Volume 21, The Soncino Press, London, (1936), pp. 261-265, at 261.

Our film will graphically depict the Jewish story of Christ's trial and execution at the hands of the Jews, as told by themselves. In the opening and closing credits we will name the rabbis, scribes and pharisees who wrote and told the stories.

We can pass out dvd's of the movie to churchgoers at noted "Christian" Zionist churches and set up big screen tv's showing the movie and ask the parishioners for their responses. Capturing this on video should make for good publicity and make it easy to ridicule deluded and hypocritical "Christian" Zionists, which will make it very uncool to be a friend of Israel. We can mate this footage to old footage of the Jews attacking Gibson and his film, and we can film these same characters and ask for their response to our film, an authentic account of The Jewish Passion of the Christ, and demonstrate their delusions and hypocrisy.