Friday, May 14, 2010

Yet Another Ad Idea for the POWER PARTY

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

An ultra-orthodox Jewish Israeli soldier with shaved head and sidelocks is standing on a street corner bobbing his head up and down with his hands tucked over the top of his M16 which is slung around his neck. An elderly Palestinian woman hobbles by with her head down and the Jewish soldier brutishly shoves her and curses at her.

The woman hauls off and kicks the Jew in the groin with a heavy black boot, lifting him in the air and then laying him out. The woman stands upright and in the same motion pulls the scarf off of her head and strips off her dress revealing the fact that "she" is instead a grinning male American soldier whose shirt reads "POWER PARTY"

The soldier puts his boot on the Jew, cuts off the American supplied M16 and says, "This is ours, parasite!"