Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Among the Many Ways to Defeat the Jewish Controlled PKK

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

For a very long time, the leaders of Turkey covertly sponsored the PKK because it helped the military to rule the country. Turkey is today suffering from this legacy of betrayal in several ways.

The country is weak because the enemies of Turkey view the nation as if its current government, as if Turkey were a political party, and see the vulnerability this creates. The enemies of Turkey believe that they need not defeat the nation as a whole in order to defeat the nation as a whole, but rather must simply defeat the AKP in order to crush all of Turkey from within itself by creating a vacuum at its core.

The nation of Turkey is today viewed as if it were Erdogan and his party and all that is needed to destroy Turkey is to defeat Erdogan and the AKP. This is a severe weakness for a nation and can only be resolved by the nation defining itself not along party lines, but along nationalistic policy lines.

Turkey's intelligentsia, religious leaders and scholars need to join in the fight to save the nation from its enemies. They need to define what it is to be Turkish so that the nation cannot be so easily defeated by merely attacking a given political party and its leadership.

Turkey's intellectuals also have to join in the fight against the Israeli controlled PKK, by defining the struggle not only for the nation as a whole, but also for all Kurds across international lines. Turkey's intellectuals should issue propaganda that defines the ills of the Kurds as divine punishment for siding with the Jews against Islam.

Turkey's intellectuals should explain to the Kurds that the Jews have used the Kurds for a very long time to fight Jewish battles which only hurt the Kurds and the Islamic world.

Turkish scholars should explain to the Kurds that they promote their own interests when they promote the interests of the nations in which they live and that the best means for them to take advantage of the rising wealth of the Middle East is to reap its rewards as members of the nations in which they live.

Turkish minds should persuade the Kurds that Turkey holds the keys to creating a peaceful and stable region in the areas in which the Kurds live, and to increasing their wealth, and to end the incessant and horrific wars in which the Jews place the Kurds.

Turkish thinkers should convince the Kurds of the futility of the Jewish inspired myth of Kurdistan, because by warring against Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq, the Kurds are making enemies of four nations and all of Islam, each of which nations could destroy the Kurds by itself, and against which collectively the Kurds are utterly hopeless; which is why the Jews are prompting the Kurds to destabilize the region, which hurts the Kurds themselves more than anyone else, and which only benefits the Jews.