Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Answer Starts With "M" and Ends With "ossad", or, Is There Something More?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

There is a whole cavalcade of men and women out to blame anyone but the Jews for the disaster taking place in Kyrgyzstan. The news is reporting that members of the UN see outside forces behind the violence, which is obviously well orchestrated, not spontaneous:

Kyrgyzstan violence: UN official accuses outside groups of planning attacks

As we have come to expect, the usual Jews in the media, mainstream and "alternative" are spinning the scapegoats for the Jews on the usual spokes. There are loud cries that the US and UK are to blame. But the real culprits are the Jews.

Consider the timing of these events so soon after the Israeli attack on a Turkish vessel and a slew of PKK attacks on Turkey. Consider the fact that the ethnic groups of Kyrgyzstan and neighboring regions of China are Turkic. Consider who benefits by tying Turkey up in the East and away from Israel. Who other than the Israelis engages in false flag terrorism of the sort taking place in Kyrgyzstan (and Turkey and Iraq)? Who is it other than the Israelis who are dividing Iraq with false flag terrorism which pits Sunnis, Shia and Kurds against one another by blowing up mosques and other activities which are repugnant to Muslims but which delight Jews? And what of the Jewish led PKK, a false flag Israeli attack on Turkey?

But there is possibly something more to the game. Turkey is gaining ground in its bid to join the EU with the shrill cry sounding that Turkey is "moving Eastward" and "shifting axes". Instead of viewing this as a reason to exclude Turkey from the EU for the very same reasons Turkey has not yet been admitted into the Jewish Utopia, the Jewish puppets are now claiming this is a reason to expedite the admission of Turkey into the EU, thereby expanding the Jewish realm of globalization to not only include Turkey, but all the Arab nations, especially those bordering Turkey and the Mediterranean, which Turkey has invited into a visa free zone.

So to what extent are the Turks covertly working with the Israelis to destabilize Kyrgyzstan, if at all? It is possible that Turkey will again appear as the savior and expand throughout central Asia and "Pan-Turkey" wiping out borders and globalizing the entire Mediterranean coast, as well as "Pan-Arabia" and "Pan-Turkey". We cannot discount the possibility that this is a ploy to set up Turkey as the savior who rescues by globalizing region after region.

And is there a Latin American Union in the works?

It is interesting to note that Iran does not at this time wish to be a part of Turkey's increasingly broad and ambitious globalization efforts. It remains to be seen if Kyrgyzstan will become a visa free State with Turkey and if its citizens will someday soon inhabit the EU en masse crossing the Turkic bridge to Europe that was closed long ago.