Friday, June 25, 2010

Appeasement and Easement Are the Wrong Ways to Defeat the Jewish War on Turkey

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The AKP has adopted a policy of first addressing the PKK problem so that it is then free to return to the problem of the Israeli attack on Turkey with its full resources. This will be a failed policy.

The PKK is a Mossad front organization. The best means to end the covertly Jewish PKK attacks on Turkey is to make the Jews pay a price for the attacks, not to ease up on the Jews while focusing on one sucker on one tentacle of their reach, the PKK.

If it hurts the Jews when they attack Turkey through the PKK, then there will exist a disincentive for such attacks. But when it helps the Jews to attack Turkey through the PKK, at no cost to the Jews themselves, then there is an incentive for the Jews to escalate the attacks.

The Jewish controlled Turkish military has always worked with the Israelis to sponsor the PKK and keep it alive. This helped keep Turkey in turmoil and sponsored the power of the Jewish controlled Turkish military, which effectively ran the country. Why are these enemy agents still in positions of power in the Turkish military? Why isn't Erdogan publicly exposing all of this, which is known to no one better than to him?

As I discussed in a previous article, there are many ways to defeat the PKK, which also hurt the Jews, and which cost the Turkish government little:

Among the Many Ways to Defeat the Jewish Controlled PKK, June 23, 2010

Each time the PKK attacks, Erdogan should personally go on television and deliver a speech identifying the Jews as the force behind the PKK, and exposing the role the Jewish controlled military played in helping the Mossad to murder Turkish citizens and hurt the Kurds with reprisals. Erdogan should embrace family members of the victims and have them call upon the Israelis to stop murdering Turks. This will hurt the Jews, and the attacks will quickly dry up.

Erdogan should not be biding his time to turn up the heat on Israel, but rather should be keeping the Israeli attacks on Turkey in the news and in the public mind, and be building on the gigantic momentum he has to free Muslims from Jewish influence. Instead, Erdogan is focusing on the PKK and Kyrgyzstan, just as the Jews want him to do.

Erdogan should be forcing the Jews to focus on their internal problems so that they are too busy to attack Turkey, rather than allowing the Jews to force him to focus on Turkey's internal problems to the relief of the Jews. For a man as clever as he obviously is, Erdogan is making several amateurish blunders as the leader of Turkey at a time of open warfare.