Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Erdogan Lies for the Benefit of Israel: Turks, Learn from the US and Germany

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan has lied to the World and claimed that Ergenekon is the power behind the PKK, without mentioning Israel. Erdogan had earlier said that there were evil forces behind the PKK without specifying who those evil forces are. Everyone naturally assumed that Erdogan was referring to Israel, because everyone knows that Israel is the power behind the PKK, having been caught training them. See:

PM specifies Ergenekon as power behind PKK terror

Erdogan is both lying by omission and is directly lying. If Erdogan would have us believe that Ergenekon timed the PKK attacks to coincide with the Israeli assault on a Turkish vessel, then Erdogan must admit that Ergenekon is an arm of the Israeli government, or shares its Jewish loyalty and common interests with the "Jewish State". As such, Erdogan is lying by omission to cover up Israel's longstanding war on Turkey, and the fact that Ergenekon is a Jewish organization run by Jews and crypto-Jews.

Erdogan is directly lying when he claims that Ergenekon runs the PKK which has arms in several countries and has been observed working with, and receiving training from, Mossad.

I have been warning that Erdogan would betray the country of Turkey, and he has committed this heinous act of betrayal of covering up the murder of Turkish citizens as acts of war by Israel against the Turkish nation, thereby creating the illusion that the problem is a domestic political struggle, instead of an international war in which Israel has murdered tens of thousands of Turks without any reprisals. This also serves to prevent the international community from recognizing that Israel is a State sponsor of terrorism, terrorism that has claimed tens of thousands of innocent lives.

Though Erdogan is portrayed as some kind of hero because of the Israeli assault on a Turkish vessel, Erdogan was not aboard the ship and failed to protect it in spite of Israeli threats to assault it. Erdogan has performed no heroics, but has instead lagged behind Turkish public opinion and has repeatedly tried to soften the blow to Israel, instead of hammering the "Jewish State".

Erdogan and the AKP continue to erode Turkish sovereignty, having recently arranged for visa free travel with Indonesia, adding to a growing list of nations. The AKP does not intend to stop with visa free travel, but is also seeking borderless travel and trade with many, many nations, and is making its strongest push to date for admission into the EU. See:

Turkey, Indonesia to lift visa requirements

Turks should be wary of these measures and learn from the US, and from Germany, where Turks were encouraged to move during Germany's reconstruction so as provide cheap labor to rebuild the nation and its industry. There was a Wirtschaftswunderzeit for a brief period in Germany, but today Turkish neighborhoods are comparatively dangerous and unprosperous "slums" in Germany, though nowhere near so bad as the slums in America where blacks and Mexicans have been imported as cheap labor only to end up jobless and/or in prison.

Turks your economy may well continue to grow and I wish you well and encourage cooperation between Muslim nations, and have done so for years. But I warn you, do not so on the Jewish capitalist internationalist model.

Expect your wages to fall, slums to emerge in your cities, drugs and prostitution to infest your nation, greater disparity in wealth, healthcare to go to hell, and the loss of your culture, ethnic strife, etc. etc. etc. if you continue down the Jewish path to internationalization. Europeans, expect Turkey to be a temporary stop for hundreds of millions of immigrants, and their problems, if you admit Turkey into the EU in its present form. The rich in Turkey will get richer, but the rest will eventually suffer badly. There are better ways of doing what you plan to do, but do not expect Erdogan and the AKP to propose them.

It is very interesting that Erdogan is scapegoating the Ergenekon, which is also Jewish, for Israel's part in the Jewish war on Turkey. It is also very interesting how the Ergenekon are going free after plotting to murder Erdogan, and this is being used as a pretext by the AKP to rewrite the constitution to make it EU friendly.

Is there strife between the Ergenekon Doenmeh and Israel? Erdogan is clearly working for the Israelis. I wonder if Erdogan is aware that the Ergenekon are as well? He must be. . . and they must be working together.