Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Exactly as I Predicted, the Jews Are Employing Pan-Turkism as a Weapon Against the Turkish People, the Chinese, the Russians, the Armenians, Etc.

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



In a series of articles, lectures and interviews, I have been warning since 2007 that the Jewish manufactured myth of Pan-Turkism would be used to pit Turks against Armenians, Chinese and the Russians. About one year ago, I revealed the fact that the trouble the Jews stirred up in Red China between Chinese and Uyghur's was a staged crisis meant to pit Chinese against Turks based on the mythology of Pan-Turkism:

The Pan-Turkic Connection to the Unrest in China, July 19, 2009

The Turkish Government has recently affirmed its acceptance of Jewish Pan-Turkism:

Turkish minister denies claims Turkish policy not interested in Central Asia

Like the little trouble in big China, the recent troubles in Kyrgyzstan are also a Jewish manufactured crisis meant to cause trouble between the Turkish People, Russia and China, based upon Pan-Turkism. I predicted that this would occur soon after the Jews attacked the Freedom Flotilla:

Turks, Learn from the Iranians, Beware Russia and China! June 11, 2010

Interesting that none of my precisely accurate predictions have been advanced by the "alternative" media, which certainly pays close attention to what I have to say.

I am very concerned for the well being of the Turkish and Armenian Peoples, who are the most threatened by this Jewish toxic concoction of Pan-Turkism. Armenian leaders are now licking Jewish boots, while the Armenian People are warning them not to suck up to the Jews who are genocidal enemies far beneath even fair weather friends of the Armenians. I warn the Turks not to attack the Armenian People, either directly, or through the Israeli subverted and controlled Azeris. Azerbaijan is firmly under the control of the Jewish People, not the Turkish, and strife with Armenia serves no Turkish goal, nor does strife with Turkey serve any Armenian goal. Unite and slam the Jews who are out to destroy you both!

Since my model of Jewish behavior enables me to make precisely accurate predictions, I suggest my audience consider the likelihood that I am correct in my assessment of the goals and methods of the Jews, and their assets in foreign governments around the World.