Saturday, June 12, 2010

Explaining the Seemingly Inexpicible: This Is Why Israel Is Shooting Itself in the Foot

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The recent wars the USA has started in the Middle East are designed to be fruitless and endless endeavors with no beneficial results. The Jews started these wars to ruin America by weakening us as we weaken the Jews' enemies. These wars are designed to destroy America by bogging us down and consuming our resources in unproductive and counterproductive measures which bring the wrath of the World against us, which wars have no favorable outcome, and drag on and on, dragging the USA further and further down into the grave.

It is our curse for blessing the Jews. The Jews are deliberately destroying us.

The Jews hate us above the Arabs, Afghanistanis and Iranians, because we are chiefly descended from European Christians and our culture is predominantly a European culture. The Jews brought the Muslims against Europe on several occasions in hopes of destroying Christianity and European culture and genetics.

The most recent incarnation of this plan to bring Muslim nations into Europe is the "Barcelona Process" of the Euromediterranean Partnership and the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly.

The European Union, which has been devastating Europe, and which is littered with leaders who are Jewish puppets or Jews, was the dream of Rothschild agent Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi and Robert Schuman, a darling of the Turks who are today seeking to open up the borders of Arab nations surrounding the Mediterranean and to join the EU and thereby to flood Europe with Muslims and further internationalize the World pursuant to the Jewish model, which the Turks call the "European" model. See the following two articles:

Zeynep Dağı: Israel paved way for its own alienation

It's the post-Cold War era, not a foreign policy shift, Turkey says

The Israelis are deliberately helping Erdogan to become the messiah of the Arabs, so that Erdogan can internationalize the Arab nations and complete the lower half of the snake eating its way around the Mediterranean to consume Europe and North Africa in the belly of the Jewish World Government. Turkey is the bridge which will serve to shuttle the Muslims into Europe when Turkey becomes an EU member and has succeeded in European Unionizing the Muslim World.

And what will be the capital of this international government, when the USA has eaten itself up in unproductive and unending wars on behalf of Jewry, and Russia has been pinched off? Jerusalem and the new Temple will be the capital of the World at the heart of the Euro-Mediterranean slave superstate the Turks are helping the Jews to build.

At least that is the explanation the Jews are feeding to the Freemasons who dominate the Arab and Muslim world. The Freemasons of the Arab countries can be easily suckered into promoting this dream, which is their raison d'etre. The Freemasons are reared to strive for World Government run out of the new Temple in Jerusalem by the Jews. But I suspect this is all bait for something even worse.

I suspect the Jews have in mind the artificial fulfilment of their end times prophecies, which is their raison d'etre. The Jews are constructing "Gog and Magog" so that they can destroy all non-Jews down to the last man, woman and child.

Enjoy the Schadenfreude of Israel shooting itself in the foot, if you are a fool; but the wise should know that Israel's boot is over your heart and that is where the bullet is headed.

Wise Americans who understand the Jewish problem, I appeal to you to heed my warnings and advice. The Jews have us in unwinnable wars in order to destroy us. We must end these wars and take control of our economy from the Jews. The Jews are also ruining any good will we have left around the World as our politicians lick Jewish boots and violate international law. The Jews are taking us down, not with them, but as their scapegoat sacrificed at the Temple gates. We will not last much longer if we do not act now.

Do not be so stupid as to pin your hopes on other nations defeating the Jews. We as Americans must do it, and at the same time protect our interests not only from the Jews, but from the emerging powers the Jews are pitting against us, and from the World Government they are ever expanding, in this instance through the charade of their quarrels with the Turks, which are engineered for this very purpose.

Where will we be when Europe is a part of the Muslim world under the control of the Jews and most of the World's energy is in their hands? Where will we be with our ever increasing debts and endless wars as the Jews destroy our currency, Balkanize our country and pit the World against us, scapegoating us for their crimes, as they did to Russia, Germany, the Ottoman Empire, etc.? Where will be when the Jews have thoroughly poisoned our air, water and land, and have destroyed our food supply with mutant plants that will die out and which alter our genes? I'll tell you where, in the graveyard of history.

We must take this opportunity not to help Turkey Muslimize Europe, but rather to make America stronger by taking advantage of the Turks' efforts to make criticism of the Jews a part of international discussions, and by electing politicians who will strengthen America. Have fun relishing the staged showdown between Turkey and Israel, but if you are smart and want to survive, spend more time sponsoring a political party here at home that will take down the Jewish enemy and put an end to the Jews' plans for World Government, which the Turks are at this very moment fulfilling for the benefit of the Jews.