Saturday, June 26, 2010

History Repeats Itself in Turkey. . . Again: Why the Jews Created the AKP and Are Making a Hero Out of Erdogan

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Back in the Ottoman Empire, the Jews had their revolutionaries clamor for a constitution and for constitutional reforms to democratize the Empire. The Jews are stirring up trouble with their PKK in part to afford them an opportunity to create a new constitution for Turkey, which will Balkanize the nation, institute "hate crimes" laws, and which will promote the loss of sovereignty in favor of internationalism which will expand the EU through Turkey to all of North Africa, the Middle East, and probably Central Asia.

The Jews want to shift power in Turkey from the Doenmeh which controls the military, to the AKP or a like front organization, which will appeal to the Arabs and the EU. Do not expect the Doenmeh to lose influence. This is all done for appearances' sake.

In order to place Turkey in the EU, the Jews had to create an upheaval and popularize Erdogan and the AKP in the eyes of Europeans. Israel's brutal assault and murder of (Kurdish martyrs? Kurdish Mossad?) Turks provided the means to achieve this objective. Israel's attacks on Turkey through their PKK front organization provide a further means to change Turkey into a nation the Jews can more easily pitch to Europeans as a "Democracy" worthy of Europe.

The Jews will draft (probably have already drafted) a new Turkish constitution, which will use the pretext of Kurdish rights as a basis for securing Jews freedom from criticism through "hate crime" laws, which will Balkanize Turkey and leave it ripe for civil war at any time the Jews choose to implode or weaken the country in the name of multiculturalism, which will weaken Turkey's military strength in the name of combating military tutelage, and which will eliminate Turkey's sovereignty in favor of EU membership together with open borders to all of North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia.

This gains the Jews the Turks, the destruction of Europe through immigration and economic drain, the loss of all Arab sovereignty, and the opportunity to ship the Palestinians as refugees into a naive and caring Europe. Playing the role of bad cop is a small and temporary price the Jews were willing to pay in order to achieve the internationalization of all this territory. The Jews played a similar game when they put communist puppets in several Arab nations and had the Jews' Soviet Union attempt to internationalize the region and polarize the World between two camps, both of which the Jews controlled.

In order to provoke the Arabs to surrender their sovereignty to the Turks, who then will hand it over to the Jews, the Jews had to make a hero out of Erdogan, which they have now done.

Thus we see that the AKP and Erdogan are serving Jewish interests by Balkanizing Turkey in the name of democratizing it, and by covering up the role the Jews play with their control of the PKK.

The AKP and Erdogan are serving Jewish interests by prompting the Arab nations to surrender their sovereignty and fate to the Turks, who are controlled by the Jews.

The AKP and Erdogan are serving Jewish interests by negotiating with the Persians to curtail their Uranium enrichment program and by removing Ahmadinejad's and Shia influence from Arab nations.

The AKP and Erdogan are serving Jewish interests by making Turkey an EU friendly country and setting up Europe for a massive invasion of non-Europeans.

The AKP and Erdogan are serving Jewish interests by covering up the Jewish genocide of Armenian Christians and the fact that Ataturk and the Young Turks were corrupt Jews, and by, together with Israel, arming and helping Azerbaijan to war against Armenia.

But I warn you, Turks. I sense a terrible double cross coming. The Jews are manufacturing their mythological "Gog and Magog" out of the fabric of your nation and they will kill every last one of you if given the opportunity. Lay down with these Jewish dogs and you will wake up with fangs in your necks and flies on your corpses.

Note that the Jews created the military tutelage system they will now seek to replace through a new constitution they will draft. Note that the Jews will create a new constitution to "solve" the Kurdish problem they manufactured. Note that the Jews will internationalize Turkey, the Arab world and Central Asia in the name of combating the Jews both inside Turkey and in Israel, which internationalism serves the Jews' desire for World rule.

Not bad for one evening's work murdering Kurds on a Turkish boat in international waters.