Saturday, June 12, 2010

If Turkey Joins the EU and the Arabs Unite Behind the Turks, the Circle Will Be Complete

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In a blog I just posted, I posed the question in the context of an EU-style union of Turks and Arabs with open borders, "But what are the Jews up to, and why would the Turks want to free up the borders of Arab countries? That aspect strikes me as especially odd."

The answer is obvious and occurred to me immediately upon contemplating the question. The Jews would then have an international government that circled the Mediterranean, and could flood Europe with Arabs and Turks (and Africans of all types), as the Jews have tried to do in the past. Arabs could flow from Morocco to Turkey and all points in between, and then enter Europe through Turkey.

The Jews would also have an endless supply of slave labor in the form of Arabs and Africans, and be able to drive down the wages of Europeans. The wars the Jews would start would provide an endless opportunity for reconstruction profits, as well as war profits, as the Jews have done in Lebanon and Iraq.