Friday, June 25, 2010

It Amazes Me How Israel Shamir Manages to Be So Right About So Much and Still Manages to Be So Wrong in His Final Analyses

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Israel Shamir has recently published an article which echoes many things which I have been saying for years and which agrees with my assessment of more recent events, including the gifts the Jews gave to Russia. Once before, I sharply criticized Mr. Shamir for telling us Ron Paul is our savior, and to his credit, he republished what I had to say. Here is Shamir's more recent statement, which agrees in many ways with what I have said before him:


I like the title aesthetically, but Shamir again is missing the more important points I have elaborated on, while acknowledging, much after me, much of what I have said in the past. I disagree with Shamir's ultimate assessment that Israel and Turkey are really working against each other's interests.

Whereas Shamir deviates from my theories when he claims that the AKP is the product of the EU and is now ironically working against Jewish interests by opposing the military junta in Turkey, I argue that the AKP is a Jewish production meant to finally incorporate Turkey into the EU, that crumbling Jewish Utopia which shows the same decay, moral and vital, that the Jewish Soviet Union exhibited. And what is it that Turkey will bring in its basket to the EU that the Jews so desperately want? All of North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia.

The AKP does not merely want to join the EU. The AKP seeks to create a borderless rim around the African coast of the Mediterranean, as well throughout the Middle East, and probably through Central Asia, though I have not yet seen them make the latter declaration. If successful, this will result in massive immigration into Europe that will destroy it.

As such, Mr. Shamir's saviors, like Ron Paul, are serving thoroughly Jewish interests, in the case of the AKP, the Jewish interest in World Government and the creation of "Gog and Magog" out of Jewish political theory and Jewish political and military theater. This is hardly the first time the Jews have tried to invade and destroy Europe by means of the Turks.

Note also a pattern among covertly Jewish saviors of the Palestinians, from Idi Amin, to Saddam Hussein, to Ahmadinejad (. . . to Erdogan?). They each help Israel to enter into war with the next would be supposed savior of the Palestinians. Amin fell and Hussein rose. Hussein fell and Ahmadinejad rose. Ahmadinejad is about to fall and Erdogan rises. Will Turkey end up in the same crucible? Let us hope not.