Monday, June 21, 2010

It Was All Just a Game

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Haaretz has published an interesting article which promotes Erdogan and Obama as the benefactors of the Palestinians and assigns them credit for supposedly "ending" the Jewish siege of Gaza:

Aluf Benn / Turkey can take credit for ending Israel's blockade of Gaza

As before, the Jews will have Mossad agents launch false flag attacks from Gaza on Israel at any point at which the Jews again wish to turn the screws on the Palestinians. A standard method of torture includes periods of relief which render the periods of pain even worse than they would have been if they were constant. The Jews are torturing the Gazan Palestinians.

The tell that the attack on the Turkish vessel of the Freedom Flotilla was part of a game to make a hero out of Erdogan to the Arabs and the Europeans so that the Jews could expand the EU into North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia, is that Obama was also "pressuring" the Jews to let up a bit on the Gazans. But beware, Turks and Arabs, there is double double-cross coming.

Not only will the Jews intensify their attacks on the Gazans down the road, just as they did after pulling out of Gaza, the Jews are also setting up the "Gog and Magog" scenario of their religious myths. That story ends badly for old Gog and Magog. If the globalization efforts are successful, expect turmoil in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia, which the Jews will artificially manufacture so as to provide a pretext for sending "refugees" into Europe who will bring a final end to white Europeans and Europan culture in but a few generations.

Erdogan is being lifted up as part of the Jews' plans, and the Jews always and only do what is good for the Jews. Expect all this to end badly for the rest of us if we do not protect ourselves, but instead are duped into blindly supporting what Erdogan does to other nations (including Turkey) simply because we approve of what he did to Israel.

The Jews have baited a trap and only a fool would blindly bite into it. The hysteria surrounding Erdogan is emotional, not rational; and no one other than myself is questioning his broader agenda, which is alarming.

I suspect the Turks have been promised huge quantities of Arab money, a war which will obliterate the Persians forever and EU membership; and the Arabs have been promised a Palestinian nation, EU membership and a war which will obliterate the Persians for all time. Recall the mantra from the Jews that they have no partners for peace with the Arabs and no one with whom to negotiate. Now they have manufactured that partnership with their centuries old friends, the Turks who now lead the Arabs courtesy of the Jews; but the Jews will again double cross those whom they have led to double cross the Arabs and Europeans, wait and see, or better yet help me prevent what is coming.