Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It Will Be Interesting to See How This Plays Out

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

This morning, I posted an article suggesting to the Turks that the problems in Kyrgyzstan afforded them the opportunity to float a trial balloon for Turkish and Russian cooperation, which article stated,

"Turks, if you believe there is hope of finding genuine friends among the Russians, and for that matter the Chinese, then you could perhaps view this contrived dilemma as an opportunity to gauge the Russians and offer up a cooperative diplomatic and aid effort to end the crisis. *** I would love to see Turkey and Russia become very friendly nations and promote peace, stability and prosperity throughout the Middle East and the World. This provides a testing grounds for a first attempt at such a joint venture, but be very, very careful, and do not forget the Chinese. Keep it diplomatic and peaceful and watch for the hidden hand of the Mossad stirring up the trouble and expose it to the World public."

This evening, the AP released an article suggesting that the US could use the Kyrgyzstan situation as:

Analysis: A new venue for US-Russian cooperation

The Turks might view such a pact between America and Russia as a threat to Turkey's influence in the region and as a threat to "Pan-Turkey". Of course, the nature of the proposed cooperation would affect the Turkish perception of the events.

While I would not let the Russians be the arbiter of my fate were I the Turks, I would offer friendship and support to the Russians, and not let the Jews manipulate the situations they create for the purpose of pitting the US and Russia as if allies against Turkey and Turkic Peoples. The Russians joined with the US against Iran, and in that climate, the Jews will hype any US and Russian alliance in "Pan-Turkey" as a threat to Turks.

Expect that the Jews will do all they can to pit Russia against Turkey.