Friday, June 04, 2010

Just As I Predicted, the Turks Are Threatened With Attack by the Russians, PKK, Cypriots, Etc. All for Simply Sending Humanitarian Aid to Gaza

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I knew it was coming and it arrived quickly. The Jews, who have led the campaign to deny the Armenian Genocide, are now throwing the issue in the Turks' faces, this despite the fact that the Jews are to blame for the genocide:

Israel Reminds Turkey of Armenian Genocide

Some Armenians, sensing an opportunity for a cheap shot at the Turks, are suddenly in love with the Israelis, though they live among Muslim countries and Armenians are again helping the Jews to cut their Armenian throats:

Gaza, Israel, Turkey, & We

And the threats of Russian, PKK, etc. attacks are pouring in against Turkey, again, for simply sending aid to the suffering Palestinians and getting in the way of Israeli bullets when the Jewish State's military illegally and cowardly attacked a private humanitarian aid ship in international waters:

An Open Letter to Turkey by Dr. Arash Irandoost

But wait a minute, how are the Jews able to set in motion an international attack on Turkey, and cause nations to neglect or reject their treaty obligations with Turkey, and to arm the PKK, and to cause nations to officially recognize the Armenian Genocide? Isn't it just some "anti-Semitic" canard that the Jews wield so much power in the World to cause nations to retaliate against an innocent country which merely seeks some relief which even the Jewish dominated UN has demanded?