Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Land of Kurdled Milk and Kosher Money

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



The Kurds are unwise to align themselves with the Jews. The Jews will only provide enough support to keep the Kurds in trouble, but never enough for the Kurds to win the homeland the Jews are promising them if they sacrifice millions of Kurdish lives for Jewish causes.

There is talk of Jewish "reverse flotillas" sending supplies to Kurds and Cypriots. Let them do so, it is not likely to cause anyone harm, other than Israelis--and Kurds and Cypriots, who, if they are foolish enough to play games on the Israeli side, will only expose their complicity in their own demise.

By allying with the Jews, the Kurds are making enemies of the rest of the Islamic world. By allying with the Jews, the Kurds are again inviting wars they will never win and which exist only to weaken the Kurds and the enemies of the Jews.

But let the Kurds fly the Israeli flag in public, while the Palestinians, Turks and Iranians publicly burn it. Then let Israel whine about terrorism as it publicly sponsors terrorism, just as Israel created Hamas.