Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Stupid Boys Town Mentality and the Death of America and Europe

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Father Flanagan promoted the myth that there are no "bad boys", instead laying the blame for corruption and evil on evil environments. Jews are bad to the core of the apple of their Jewist God's eye, and history is the absolute proof.

Martin Luther eventually opposed the Jews, after a long stint of helping them, by stupidly claiming that they were just plain stubborn and would not accept Christianity. But Luther's Christianity was even more Jewish than the Judaization of Catholicism it would replace.

This rotten branch of the human family of the Jews is inherently bad, as history has proven. It draws all the life out of the human tree, sheds fruit which poison the roots of life, and spreads insects and disease to every other branch of the human family. Contrary to the self-destructive pseudo-idealistic myth, it is truly a "bad boy" in the most negative sense.

There is no changing the Jew, as history has proven over and over again, and segregation only strengthens and concentrates the virus. Have compassion for the victims of Jewry, rather than the ever hostile Jewish enemy.