Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tips for Turks and Arabs

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I find it very discouraging that the Turks are employing a Jewish model in their pursuit of otherwise reasonable and productive policies in their international relations. I have always been an advocate of Muslim unity and cooperation to promote peace, stability and prosperity in the Middle East and the World.

However, I have never advocated a Middle Eastern/North African/Central Asian/EU globalization project, which is what the Turks are presently pursuing. Instead, I advocate strong nationalism coupled to international cooperation.

The Turks make several false assumptions to justify their internationalism. For example, the Turks falsely claim that their policy of waving visa requirements for travel has bolstered their tourism industry. I dispute this claim and assert that the Turks are underestimating themselves.

Turks are very hospitable people and Turkey has much to offer the tourist, as the Germans have long known. Turkey's improved relations with Syria and other Arab nations has indeed improved Turkey's tourism industry, but who is to say that the main reason for this improvement is the waiver of visa requirements, and not the more substantial improvements in perception which would likely exist even if the globalization measures had not been implemented?

Internationalism on the EU Jewish model as opposed to aggressive and friendly trade policies on a nationalistic model is doomed to failure for several reasons. Trade done correctly on a nationalist model exploits the natural advantages of each country for the benefit of its citizens because it only occurs when it promotes national interests and to the extent that it promotes national interests.

Internationalism reduces trade to its lowest common denominator, exploitation for the benefit of the richest elements in the scheme. Internationalism always fails to meet regional economic needs in a substantial and sustainable way and instead makes slaves of all but the richest elements of society.

Internationalism on the Jewish model followed by the Turks will fail because it will drag down Europe with immigration and result in a conflict of interest between Turks and Arabs and their own interests. The Turkish/Jewish model will soon result in a clash between Arab oil and Turkish oil interests; and to this equation must be added Russian, Persian and Shia oil. Whose interests will be served when conspiring to manipulate oil prices and monopolize contracts? Surely these different regions have different and conflicting interests which are better resolved based on nationalistic negotiations rather than internationalist exploitation.

There are much better ways for Turkey to push for peace than internationalism. Internationalism is acceptance of defeat without a fight, rather than a resolution to the Jewish attack.