Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Turks, by gOsh, Do Not Act by Guess and by Golly

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Kyrgyzstan is in the armpit of the former Soviet Union and borders China and Kazakstan (a nation with a large and influential Russian population). It is also about as far away from Israel as Turks are likely to venture. The Jews are leading you into a trap, much like they have led the USA into the quicksand of Afghanistan.

The Jews want to bog you down in conflicts with the Kurds, which also pull you eastward and consume your resources and hurt you in the eyes of the World public; and in "Pan-Turkey". Note that the Jews are stirring up trouble in Kyrgyzstan immediately after murdering your citizens in international waters. The Jews want you to intervene and pull you away from Israel and into a meat grinder between Russia and its allies and China. They want to suck you into a quagmire that will consume you.

Turks, if you believe there is hope of finding genuine friends among the Russians, and for that matter the Chinese, then you could perhaps view this contrived dilemma as an opportunity to gauge the Russians and offer up a cooperative diplomatic and aid effort to end the crisis. But beware that the Jews want to lure you into this area and you are taking enormous risks by setting foot in their trap even if you simply want to steal the bait.

I would love to see Turkey and Russia become very friendly nations and promote peace, stability and prosperity throughout the Middle East and the World. This provides a testing grounds for a first attempt at such a joint venture, but be very, very careful, and do not forget the Chinese. Keep it diplomatic and peaceful and watch for the hidden hand of the Mossad stirring up the trouble and expose it to the World public.

Be especially careful with Putin and his teddy bear, MEDVEDev.