Saturday, June 12, 2010

Why Are the Jews Setting Up the Turks to Lead the Arabs, at Great Expense to Themselves?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I found an interesting article which may explain part of the motivation why the Jews are setting up Erdogan to lead the Arab world as well as making him a national hero of the Turks. It seems the Jews want to internationalize the region which was once the Turkish Empire. See, for example, the following article from the Turkish press:

EU-like community between Turks, Arabs becoming a reality

The article describes an effort to internationalize loan capital and banking under the pretext of building infrastructure and international cooperation. The monetary implications are obvious. Were I in Arabian shoes, or Turkish boots, I would create a currency to be used for the purchase of energy resources, either backed by nothing, or secured with oil and natural gas. But what are the Jews up to, and why would the Turks want to free up the borders of Arab countries? That aspect strikes me as especially odd.

Turks would obviously want Saudi and other oil money to be invested in Turkey and in the region, rather than stored in foreign banks and invested in non-regional investments, and this would indeed promote peace, stability and security in the Middle East. But why build it on an EU model, which is thoroughly Jewish? Turkey would have an economic advantage over some Arab countries and be able to profit from the wealth of others. But Turkey faces the ire of Russia, Europe, America and China as an emerging competitor. I wonder when Pan-Turkism will enter the equation and branch out the would-be empire eastward towards India and China after the fashion of the decaying Ottoman Empire?

I can't help but suspect the Jews want to create the Gog and Magog of their religious myths, so that they can pit it against us and wipe out the Muslims, Americans, Russians and Europeans in one fell swoop. Another possibility is that the Jews plan to use Turkey and the Middle East again as a haven for expelled Jews from America who cannot live off the thin fat of Palestine, so as to colonize "Greater Israel".

My intuition tells me, though, that the Jews are after war, and are out to utterly destroy America in the very near future. What could be a very good thing for the region and the World if done properly and with good intentions, may be bait in a vast and growing trap that will ensnare the Muslims and us. A unified Europe, a unified Middle East, unified Americas? I think the prospect is a glass balloon meant to be shattered into a billion shards.

I would feel more comfortable with the proposals if they appeared to honor nationalism while promoting international cooperation, rather than following the Jewish model of globalization, as appears to be the case. I also know that this unity of Muslims for their common benefit will be used as if a provocation to pit Russians and Americans against Muslims, which if it were done properly and with proper intentions, it need not be.

On its face, this appears to be a another Jewish scheme to globalize a large region of the Earth, but it need not be if done right.