Friday, July 30, 2010

In the Name of "Morality", the Jew Who Calls Himself "Muhammad Rafeeq" Is Undermining American and European Interests, and Ultimately Muslim Interests

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Please take a moment to read the transcript of what Kevin MacDonald has to say about how the Jews dupe Gentile groups into subverting their own interests in the name of "ethics" and "morality", and how the Jews attempt to convince Whites that it is a crime for them to act in their own interests and to prosper.

Have a listen to what Yuri Bezmenov says about how the Jews subvert a nation with leftists and utopian talk, only to use this as a trap which leads to destabilization:

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Then consider how and why Daryl Bradford Smith/Setters is calling for a destabilizing revolution in America, and how and why his Jewish banking partner who calls himself "Muhammad Rafeeq" is trying to convince us to adopt ruinous economic policies, which specifically target America and the US dollar, in the name of "morality", and how and why his supporters are trying to convince us that Americans are terrible people and deserve destruction.