Thursday, July 01, 2010

We Had Better Take Control Over Our Own Fate Rather than Depending on Erdogan and the AKP to Save Us from the Jews

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

After roping in the Arabs and pushing Europe to incorporate Turkey into the EU, the Jews' plans for making Turkey the next America of sanctuary for World Jewry are beginning to unravel. The World is a little too eager to react to the dangers the Jews pose. Turkey is beginning to face a rapidly increasing trade deficit, and the Arabs, as usual, are disorganized and slow to act.

As a result, the Turks and Israelis are openly falling in love again, though their estrangement was little more than play acting. See:

Secret meeting of Israel with Turkey at cabinet level stirs controversy

Turkish MFA confirms Davutoglu's meeting with Israeli Minister Eliezer

US and Turkey agree on action plan to fight PKK

Turkey solidifies ties with European Union, eyes cooperation on terrorism

Note that the Israelis are being primed to vote for the lunatic Avigdor Lieberman and to view Netanyahu as if too moderate. Note that the Turks are being torn to shreds in staged bickering between the Doenmeh Ergenekon faction, the AKP and the PKK, just as I predicted years ago.

Lest anyone think I was too harsh on the Turks, I am far more critical of the Jewish control of America, and reaffirm that we stand a much greater chance of defeating Jewry than any other nation. The Jews proved several things with their attack on the Mavi Marmara.

The World public is ready for a leader to step forward and end the Jewish war on the human race. The World economy can turn around almost over night if we human beings help each other rather than fight each other.

But do not expect Erdogan and the AKP to provide this leadership. They are as bad as Obama and our Jewish corrupted political parties. They are deliberately sabotaging all the momentum the World public gave them to end Israel. The Jews' plans worked a little too well for the Jews to succeed. We had better do a little planning and great deal of fighting ourselves if we are to survive for another generation of humanity.