Sunday, November 14, 2010

Anti-Americanism in the "Alternative Media"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The "Alternative Media" is largely a Jewish controlled affair with intimate ties to the Jewish gold cartel. Their agenda is clear. They want to make "patriots" despise America and admire Communist China and Russia. They want us to hate our government, strike and ruin ourselves so as to ripen conditions for a Bolshevik revolution in America.

Many of the most popular and outspoken voices in the Jewish controlled "Alternative Media" gleefully report on the demise of our nation and glowingly and cheerfully report on the ascension of Communist China and Russia as competitors who will overtake and destroy us. They try to justify their attacks on America, and their obvious campaign to demoralize Americans, by arguing that the ruin of America hurts "Zionism". The truth is that the ruin of America is the fulfilment of Zionism and Judaism. All nations save Judah must perish for Jewish messianic prophecy to be fulfilled.

America is a child of Europe and the Jews hate Europeans. The Jewish "saint" Albert Einstein stated,

"I get most joy from the emergence of the Jewish state in Palestine. It does seem to me that our kinfolk really are more sympathetic (at least less brutal) than these horrid Europeans. Perhaps things can only improve if only the Chinese are left, who refer to all Europeans with the collective noun 'bandits.'"--Letter from A. Einstein to P. Ehrenfest of 22 March 1919, English translation by A. Hentschel, The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, Volume 9, Document 10, Princeton University Press, (2004), pp. 9-10, at 10.

As I stated many times in the past over the course of decades, the Chinese are engaged in espionage with the assistance of Jews and the two parties are working together to ruin America and make China a new haven for Jewish criminality. For decades, I have been warning that Chinese foreign exchange students and others are spies stealing our trade and other secrets. Jews are the same.

This is why the Jewish "Alternative Media" lauds China and decries America. Their goal is to demoralize and destroy us with self loathing.

As I have been telling people for decades, the Chinese view "China" as the "center" of the universe, and believe that the Chinese have absolute cultural supremacy over all others, especially blacks and "ghost men". Among the Chinese, the Cantonese are especially racist. The Jews are beginning to heavily promote this Chinese sense of self and of national unity as the Jews concurrently and concomitantly destroy Europeans' sense of self and nationhood.

When examining the methods and objectives of the Jewish "Alternative Media", I am reminded of the George Soros model for "revolution" and subversion. The Jews and their agents try to convince you that all hope is lost, that all government is bad, and that you must bring America down in order to save it. This is their propaganda of demoralization of the "patriot community".

In reality, government is our best hope of saving America. But it must be American government, not Jewish government. In order to institute American government we must know ourselves and clear the false and hateful image of ourselves from our heads, which the Jews are incessantly trying to instill in us. We must ignore their defeatism and reject their call to destroy ourselves. Instead we must recognize the glory of our nature and nation and destroy Jewish power, including that of the Jewish "Alternative Media".

We have to focus on American interests, not Chinese or Russian interests. We have to celebrate our heritage, not degrade it on the false premise that Americanism is Judaism. America is suffering from a tick, and the tick's advice to us is to kill ourselves so that the tick will have to find a new host. I would rather remove the tick and squash it, while bolstering ourselves and our interests. We should not burn down our barn in order to chase off the rats.

Americans are innovative and independent people and always have been. The Jews are trying to redefine us as if feeble and hopelessly lost low lifes in need of restoration to a glory period which never was when Jewish gold and Jewish robber barons ruled our lives. Alternatively, the Jews would have us destroy everything we cherish because we deserve to die, in their view. They try to convince us that we are weak and that there is no hope for us.

We can create a full recovery in five years, and in ten years we can improve the American lifestyle to standards never before dreamt of. But we must believe in ourselves and be ourselves, not as the Jews define us, but as we intrinsically are.

Consider that the Jews have convinced a large percentage of European Americans that they are instead the children of a Jewish god who aims to ruin the World but will pluck them up into heaven if they help the Jews commit genocide against the whole human race. Now examine the results of this evil false conception of self, perpetual war, poverty, pollution, disease and decay. Think what would instead proceed from an honest appraisal that Europeans are magnificent human beings, born of Europe, loving nature, celebrating life, defending country and kin, and worshiping gods who serve them and their interests, believing in philosophies and histories which celebrate, rather than denigrate, Europeans.

Such a people would not fight wars which benefit their enemies. Such a people would not poison itself into infertility and genetic degeneration. Such a people would prosper and work collectively to forward its own interests. But this is not what the Jews promote to Christian Zionists.

And do you who follow the Jewish "Alternative Media" believe yourselves to be wiser, less under Jewish influence, and on a truer path than Christian Zionists? If so, you are even more deluded than they.

The Jews have you believing that gold is your savior, that you cannot speak the word Jew, and that you are such incompetent beings that you cannot even ever manage to organize politically to combat the Jew. The Jews control your minds and your actions as surely and as much to your detriment as the Jews control the minds of the Christian Zionists.

Returning to the Soros model of subversion, consider that one of the favorite themes of the "Alternative Media" is the vote fraud issue. Now consider the color revolutions, most recently the green movement in Iran. Allegations of vote fraud play a major role in these Jewish subversions. I suspect Ron Paul is being set up to create a premise for "revolution" based on allegations of vote fraud, just as Mir Hossein Mousavi was set up as a premise for "revolution" based on allegations of vote fraud.

Don't misunderstand me, vote fraud is a relevant and important issue, but it will be misused to work against you if you let it. There is a much more important issue than voting machines.

The worst voter fraud we face is the dearth of credible and viable candidates willing and able to fight back against Jewry. And the "Alternative Media's" approach to this is two-fold, control the candidates and limit them to Jewish puppets like the Paul's; and impart a defeatist attitude towards all others.

The Soros model calls for a substitute government and the Jews have this in the form of effective anarchy under the Libertarians, which would quickly transfer to absolute dictatorship in the ensuing vacuum of leadership it would of necessity produce.

The Soros model also promotes domination of the "Alternative Media". The majority of the leaders of this media are gold mongering Libertarians–think Aaron Russo, for example. These Jews lead you down the garden path, telling you what to believe and what not to believe, right up to the slaughterhouse door. Recall that Russo planned to promote strikes and other methods of self destruction as if solutions to "fascism", and who but Jews is obsessed with the word "fascism" as a straw man with which to implement fascism? Note also that Russo promoted anti-government sentiments so as to weaken all resistence to Jewish subversion of government, while consistently pointing his finger away from Jewry. Russo tried to set the stage for the destabalization of America, and tried to create a self hatred among Americans, in the name of "American patriotism".

The Jews also insist that we focus on money and money alone, while they demoralize us with self destructive philosophies. When the Jews provoke us to confront China, for example, they tend to focus on monetary issues, leaving unaddressed the fact that China is outpacing Europeans on the population issue, which is far more important an issue in the long term, with monetary issues being a subset of that more important issue. The Jewish "Alternative Media" also downplays environmental and human rights issues with regards to China, though they purport to be lovers of freedom and life. Instead they want you to empower them to empower China and the Jews to ruin the environment and universally strip human beings of freedom as if the cool and righteous thing for true "patriots" to do.

Mark my words, the "Patriot Movement", as presently constituted of Jews and agents of the Jews, is setting us up for a Soros style "color revolution" that will result in demonstrations, cries of voter fraud and possibly a violent revolution, all meant to turn Americans against American government in support of anarchy and rule by the rich. Let me predict the colors, it will be "White" versus "Black" and "Brown".

A better path to pursue is to glorify America and insist upon American government, not Jewish government, American economics and monetary policy, not Jewish economics and monetary policy. We must declare that Jewish is un-American, and set about strengthening America and American government, not weakening them.

If you are willing to fight the Jews, then run for office so that the voters are not defrauded by having no choice but to vote for Jewish government. If you are willing to fight the Jews, then fund American candidates against Jewish candidates and work hard to see them elected. If you are willing to fight the Jews, then support American ideals, not Jewish ideals.

Above all, love your nation and your family and fight for them! Do not stand idly by while Jews calling themselves "patriots" denigrate you, your nation, your churches, your beliefs, your European, African, South American or Asian heritage, but instead stand proud and defend yourself and your culture.

Where are the Europeans standing up for Iceland, Ireland, Greece or Germany? Ironically, the European Union has Europeans uniformly hating and denigrating Europeans, not unified to preserve and protect uniquely European cultures, ethnicities and peoples. A true European Union would be one which protected Ireland and Iceland from Jewish Bolshevism, one which restricted immigration in Sweden so that Swedes would recognize their descendants one hundred years from today as Swedes.

There used to be strong Irish American support for Irish opposed to British subversion. But where is the Irish American support for Irish opposed to Jewish Bolshevism in the form of the EU? Where do you find the "Alternative Media" organizing such support, rather than merely whining and complaining that all is lost and we are best off surrendering and dying?

Where do you find the Jewish "Alternative Media" ever organizing anything beneficial to America? Yet they are masters of fund raising and organization when it comes to promoting the interests of the Jewish gold cartel.

Now that we know this, the onus is upon us to take our own fate into our own hands and quit merely whining and start acting. We must organize. We must run for office. We must finance political campaigns and propaganda. If we merely complain about the Jewish control of the "Alternative Media", but do nothing constructive to seize power for ourselves and our children, we are playing into the Jews' hands and removing ourselves yet another degree of separation from obtaining our own power.

I need your help to implement my plans for the POWER PARTY. If you object to one point or the other, then propose a superior alternative and demonstrate why you believe my proposals are in error, but do something! For all our sake, do something constructive!