Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Banana Republic of America

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Several voices in the Jewish controlled "alternative media" are conditioning us to believe that a military coup will rescue us from our Israeli subverted government. At the same time, the Jews in control of our monetary policies are planning to turn the US dollar into soviet toilet paper: crude, nearly valueless, and yet hard to come by.

Therein lies the makings of The Banana Republic of America. A military takeover of the United States of America would produce global chaos. It would serve the Jews on many levels.

For a very long time now, the Jews have been coopting the US military and have filled its highest ranks with their agents. A military coup would immediately produce a Jewish dictatorship.

Military minds are trained to make war, dominate, kill and destroy property. A military takeover of the United States would end the American experiment in human freedom and herald a darker age than befell humankind when the ancient world fell. Citizenship would immediately become slavery.

With all the vast resources at their disposal, these same voices, which are conditioning us to demand for ourselves a military takeover which will enslave us, never propose a viable political movement, which would challenge the Jews directly. Instead, they push clowns like Ron Paul, then tell us politics is not the answer, then tell us to trust in military tyrants to save us from those who gave those same persons their positions of power in the military.

Things look horribly bleak. The Jews have their men preaching to us that we must either accept slavery in a military dictatorship, let the absolutely corrupt rich rule over us in a "Libertarian" government, instigate a Bolshevik revolution that will make the Jews our absolute masters, or turn against ourselves and segregate into racial zones forever at war with one another. Each a recipe for our demise, deceptively packaged and presented to us as if a solution to the Jewish problem.

Beware these messengers of the Jews who refuse to organize Americans into a real force opposed to the Jewish war on our nation, but instead demand that we place our fate into others corrupt hands. They are the Trotsky's, the Hitler's, the Mao's and the Pol Pot's of The Banana Republic of America the Jews have planned for us.