Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Cowardly Lion, Puss N'Boots, Perhaps?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



The entity calling itself "Karl Radl" attempts to justify its crypto-Jewish style of attacking others behind the cowardly mask of a pseudonym, as if a necessary precaution to avoid criticism from Jews. If it is true that the childish and obnoxious persons calling themselves "Lionaxe" and "Karl Radl" hide behind pseudonyms so that they can attack others behind a cowardly curtain of anonymity, in fact do so to hide from the Jews rather than to hide their Jewish affiliations and/or identities, then they should perhaps adopt more fitting appellations such as "Cowardly Lion" or "Puss N'Boots". In any event note that they can hit and run, and as they discredit themselves change pseudonyms and remain hidden. Vile, are they not?

Ironic, is it not, that "Lionaxe" won't tell me its name, yet attacks me. Not normal Gentile behavior, is it? Why does it aggrandize itself with such a title as "Lionaxe", implying fearlessness, in order to hide itself? Lions don't act that way, nor has any Gentile I have ever met. "Trotsky" acted that way, as did "Ataturk", as did the mythical "Esther". Interesting. . . . It is one of many obvious glaring contradictions in their behavior and habits, and it graphically demonstrates the stark difference between what they claim to be and what they in fact are.