Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Crossing the Conceptual Rubicon

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In order to understand the mortal threat which Jewry pose to all life, you must realize that the Jews are determined to, and believe that they are destined to, destroy all life, including themselves. The Jews believe that only by destroying themselves and all life with themselves, can they obtain the new heavens and new earth, the new flesh for their dry genetically damaged inbred bones, which their genocidal god has promised them. The Jews desire to, and are, rendering life impossible on our planet.

This is why the Jews are poisoning the Earth with depleted uranium and other radioactive toxins. This is why the Jews are x-raying you at airports and introducing genetically modified poisonous organisms into the food chain, and encouraging you to obtain unnecessary CAT scans in hospitals, and to vaccinate yourselves and your children with toxic chemicals, etc. etc. etc. They want to destroy all life. They want to kill you on the most fundamental genetic level.

When a Jew wishes to curse another person, the Jew will often wish some especially painful form of cancer on that person. The Jews are deliberately collectively cursing humanity and all other life forms with cancer and genetic mutation.

The Jews have been planning this fatal fate for centuries. It is a prominent feature of Cabalah and Talmud, where the Jews forecast genetic mutation and environmental disaster, and rejoice in these pernicious prospects and pledge themselves to do everything in their power to bring them about.

You must cross the conceptual Rubicon and realize that you face an enemy which is presently poisoning you, and everyone else including themselves, to death. The Jews are the ultimate suicidal cult. They openly seek to destroy all life.

The Jews hold to the genocidal delusion that only by erasing life and the possibility of life can they remove the impurity of the Gentiles from existence. They believe that when they have destroyed this, our World, their father the Devil will make them a new world where they can live and reign without the presence of Goyim. The Jews view you as spiritual and physical pollution and feel it is their duty to physically and spiritually pollute you out of existence.

What are you doing to stop them and save us all?