Friday, November 19, 2010

An Exemplar of Christian Conduct? On Louis Turner's Lies, Libels, Name Calling, and Ad Hominem Attack

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I recently wrote about the relentless smear campaigns waged against me, all of which are based upon lies and misrepresentations. In that article, I focused on the Libertarians' defamations, which accused me, a "part-Jew", of baselessly bashing Hitler as a Zionist, "part-Jew" and agent of the Jews, and of opposing all of the programs of the NSDAP including those which were beneficial to society.

I do not recall ever having stated that Hitler was a "part-Jew" in the genetic sense, though I have pointed out that others have stated that he was or was likely to have been partially Jewish. I have pointed out that Hitler likely held Jewish religious beliefs and cited his selective vegetarianism as an indiction. I have called Hitler a monster, a Zionist and a paid agent of the Jews and have proven each of these claims with irrefutable and verifiable factual evidence.

I have also stated that the Jews taught the Nazis methods of improving German society, because Jewry needed to bolster Germany in order to make it a force of terrible destruction which would weaken the World leaving it ripe for Bolshevik takeover and the formation of a Jewish State in Palestine. Though the Jews' intentions were ultimately pernicious, programs which are beneficial to society remain so no matter who has advocated or engineered them and we should study, adapt and adopt methods which are beneficial to society, including even those proposed and/or adopted by the NSDAP. So much for the lies of the Libertarians. Now on to Louis Turner's lies, libels, name calling and ad hominem attacks.

Louis Turner lies and claims that I "adore Hitler", when in fact I have done much to discredit Hitler, having publicly proven that Hitler was a warmonger, a Gentile slayer, a Bolshevist, a Zionist and a paid agent of the Jews. I have repeatedly and publicly expressed my contempt for Hitler. I have also stated that some of the measures proposed, and in some instances taken, by the NSDAP, which benefit society, and often humanity at large, should be studied and where appropriate adapted and adopted. This does not render me a "Hitler lover", but rather quite the contrary, it shows that I have a deep love of the human race.

The Jews had to build up Germany to make it a sufficiently potent battering ram to accomplish their evil ends of horrific destruction. We can build up America without making it a war machine slaying Gentiles.

Though I am partially of Jewish descent, Louis libels me and calls me a "full-blown Aryan" as if a part of and spokesman for the "Aryan Brotherhood" criminal syndicate, which I most certainly am NOT! Louis dishonestly stated,

"How would YOU react if YOU promoted a persons work for YEARS then suddenly discover that they did an about-face and praised the Aryan Brotherhood? [***] Now Mr. Bjerknes has a blog called Jewish Racism. You read that right. Jewish Racism. Go ahead and click on the link. Christopher Jon Bjerknes is a full-blown Aryan that just adores Hitler and Barbara Aho doesn't even warn her readers about it! She PROMOTES IT! You see, most people do not click on links for one reason or another and I imagine that the JBS and all the Ron Paul worshippers are cheering in the stands right about now."

Turner's accusations are false and libelous. In my opinion the Aryan Brotherhood is infested with Federal agents, serves the purposes of the Jews and would destroy my beloved America with its self destructive and hateful philosophies. I condemn the Aryan Brotherhood in the strongest possible terms! I am opposed to racism, though I do not wish to see Whites, Blacks or Browns disappear from the human family tree because I love and admire the various branches of the human family tree and would like to see them preserved in future generations.

Louis claims that the fans of Ron Paul are likely rejoicing at my critiques of the man, but Louis' odd speculations are demonstrably false, having been disproven by the ongoing Libertarian smear campaign against me as a "Hitler basher". If Ron Paul's advocates who attack me believe that associations with Hitler tend to discredit an individual, then why are they attacking me as a "Hitler basher" and associating themselves with Hitler? It is odd and telling that Louis acts like a stereotypical sophistical and aggressive Jew, while concurrently presenting himself as if an exemplar of Christian conduct.

Louis accuses me of being a "socialist", which I am not as I would define the term. I have no desire to see business run by the State. Let Louis grow up a bit and act like a Christian is obliged to act. Let him define what he means by "socialist" and I will be happy to answer his assertions based on his definitions, with the facts. But as things stands he has stated nothing of substance and is instead spreading defamatory lies, name calling and iterating ad hominem fallacies.

And so the smear campaigns against me for pointing out the facts about Ron Paul and the Libertarians continue, though from an opposite and equally false front.

See what Louis vociferously attacks:

Note that I have not vetted each and every claim made in the immediately above article and speak only for myself.