Monday, November 29, 2010

From Monarchy to Anarchy? Psychological Warfare in the Media, Mainstream and Alternative

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews are presently waging psychological warfare on the American People. The Jews, through the media, mainstream and alternative–even Russian media–are attacking Americanism. They are attempting to persuade you to give up your nation and your lifestyle without even a fight. The Jews are trying to convince you that you are already defeated so that the Jews will not have to fight you.

Listen to the Jews in the media and you will hear them joyfully stating that America and Great Britain are dead, and that Russia and China are the new and only superpowers. Some of these Jews falsely portray themselves as if "American patriots", so we must ask, why are they so glad to declare that America is "dead" and why do they want to convince us that Russia and China are superior to America, economically and morally? It is because the Jews are waging psychological warfare on us in hopes that we defeat ourselves for them and leave them untouched.

The Jews are internationalists. They use the media which they dominate to lecture us like sportscasters, telling us which nations they would have us believe are up, and which nations they would have us believe are down. Just as they do to manipulate the stock and commodities markets, the Jews use their media power to drive the psychology of the masses to view itself and its circumstances through a Jewish lens which distorts reality to favor what the Jews want to be as opposed to what is.

The Jews want Americans to view America as a defeated and pointless nation, and for Americans to cheer for America's enemies. The Jews want Americans to be neutral and largely disinterested spectators to World events, and to confuse honesty with the lies they are fed, and to believe that Americans must subvert their own interests in favor of the interests of others.

The Jews have led Americans to make a poor transition from monarchy to republican democracy. Under the monarchs, Europeans viewed themselves as subjects, and the land of the nation and most all property as ultimate possessions of the monarchy. The deer were the king's and wars were fought to defend the kingdom. This resulted in nationalistic sentiments.

The Jews are undermining our national sentiments by internationalizing property and land, and by changing the psychology of Americans such that Americans view themselves as spectators to an international game in which they have no vested interest or power to affect. The Jews want you to cheer for your competitors and enemies and to hate and degrade your own country. The Jews want you to side with the winning team, whichever one they choose in spite of the facts, over the hometeam, which they want you to believe are perpetual and hopeless losers.

The Russians are helping the Jews to wage this psychological warfare on our nation and the "alternative media" is a Jewish subversion which promotes anti-nationalism in the name of "nationalism" and which promotes Russia, Iran and China over America. They do this in the name of "American patriotism".

The Jews rope in American dissidents in this fashion and lead them to work against the best interests of America in the name of "American patriotism". Or they hope to at least render you irrelevant by driving you into defeatism, self abuse and lackadaisical self hatred, until they want you to vote for their gold bugs and tea partiers, and they then use you as useful idiots until after the elections when they pretend to oppose those they convinced you to elect, in order to regain your confidence and rope you in for the next round of subversive elections. Even then, the Jews always present candidates who demoralize and defeat you and American interests in favor of Jewish internationalist interests.

But the subversion runs still deeper. The Jews have convinced you that at some point in history America has made the economic and political choices it has made because these choices produced the highest standard of living and greatest freedom for the largest percentage of the population possible. But no such set of choices was ever put before the American People, let alone chosen by them.

We never chose the Jewish capitalism of stock markets and privately owned central banks. We never chose the Jewish subversion of our educational, political and media institutions. We never chose the housing bubble, derivatives markets, the corporatization of farming, the empowerment of corporations, the opening of our borders, the perpetual wars, the Jewish run banks, the destruction of our natural resources and environment, etc. etc. etc. All of these things are Jewish impositions which hold us back and prevent us from obtaining the glory which is our birthright as Americans.

The Jews have Americans believing in the fictions that Jewish capitalism is the best means to obtain income equity and a high standard of living for the greatest number of Americans, when history repeatedly proves this delusion false. The Jews have Americans believing in the mythology that "free trade" in the form of exporting capital to regions where labor is cheapest is best for Americans, when history proves otherwise. The Jews have Americans believing the fiction that Americans must open up their land, industry, farms, currency, borders, banks, etc. to foreigners and international speculators, investors, markets; when no such restrictions exist in fact, or sound judgments. The Jews have Americans believing that Israelis are their allies, when history shows that Jewry is our worst enemy.

Now the Jews are introducing a new set of fictions and mythologies as part of the Jews' psychological war on America. The Jews are trying to convince us that we are defeated and deserve defeat, when in fact we have a large and comparatively well trained work force, we are blessed with enormous land and natural resources, we have well developed infrastructure, etc. etc. etc.

The Jews want us to believe that the Russians and Chinese have it better than us, which is utter nonsense. Our standard of living is vastly higher than that of Russia and China, even with our unnecessarily high unemployment, a problem that could be quickly and permanently solved.

But the Jews desperately do not want us to seek solutions, but rather to roll over dead amongst all the plenty that is ours as our national birthright. The Jews want us to foolishly accept the mythology that the "King's deer" are the now the Jews' deer, or the Russians' deer or the Chinese deer; and that we cannot feast on our own bounty and had better not try.

There are no laws set down in nature that prevent us from taking back what the Jews have stolen from us. There are no laws forged in the natural world which prevent us from crushing the Jews and if need be the Russians and Chinese. Nature instead provides us with a natural will to survive and a willingness to protect not only ourselves and our kin, but also our nation.

Nature also makes demands of us. The Jewish nation that has subverted our America is a hostile and consuming parasite. Nature insists that we combat and defeat it, or perish with its infected stinger in our collective backside.

We must grow from our monarchistic past into a future that embraces philosophies that serve us as nationalists, not internationalists, and which strengthen our national identity and will in self serving ways, rather than in ways which are good for the Jews who are out to destroy us and to steal all that we have.

Germany was able to accomplish this very quickly under the NSDAP after transitioning from monarchy to Weimar to disaster, likewise in a very short time. But Germans have a strong national sense and a sense of brotherhood, which the Jews have still not managed to destroy. America had better not only resist, but also combat this new psychological war which aims to make us believe that we are already defeated and that China and Russia are our new masters.

Do not sit idly by as the "anti-Zionist" Jewish phonies promote anti-Americanism in the guise of "anti-Zionism". Do not let them insult you by insulting your nation. Do not let them blame you for the actions of the Jewish bankers who fund their subversions. Do not so soon forget that they told you that Obama might be the next JFK and that Ron Paul and Rand Paul and the tea party would save you if helped the Jews to elect them. Do not let them pretend that they were honestly mistaken when they pushed these enemy forces upon you. They did so deliberately and in the full knowledge of what they were doing, and over opposing voices, including mine.

The new thing the Jews would have "those in the know", American dissidents do is to bash America and promote the lie that there is no hope for America and that Iran, China and Russia will save the World. The Jews have always tried to lead American dissidents to destroy America rather than improve it, to side with America's enemies rather than sincere forces opposed to Jewry. Grow up America and relish in your pride and take hold of all the blessings that are yours if only you would stop letting the Jews mislead you and fight for your land and national sovereignty.

We have more than Russia, China and Iran, and we need only make use of it and claim as ours what is ours, instead of letting the Jews convince us that the deer belong to the king, as we starve to death amidst bounty; instead of allowing the Jews to convince us that we are defeated, when we have a higher standard of living than our competitors and enemies.

The Jews just love it when they hear Americans bashing America, and they love it even more when they hear Americans extolling the virtues of America's enemies. Don't be stupid. You are not showing how smart you are when you defeat yourselves, but you are instead acting like the Jews' cattle and bragging that you are the wise cattle going into the slaughter house, because you know the pigs are smarter than you.

Shun this Jewish psychological war on our beloved nation, this war on you and your mind; and be proud enough to fight for what is already yours. Obey the laws of nature which compel you to fight, or nature will forget you.

Be fierce, not pollyannish, in your defense. Be proud, not blind, in your sense of honor.