Thursday, November 18, 2010

How and Why the Jews Hate and Want to Destroy Christianity and the Cross

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

David Duke has long pondered the Jewish hatred of, and intended destruction of, Christianity. Duke also delves into Freudian psychology as a source and expression of this Jewish hatred. However, Duke does not address, and perhaps does know of or understand the religious basis of this hatred from the Jewish perspective.

The Jews view the Jewish People as the World's salvation. The Jews see themselves as the Serpent and as the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil of the Garden of Eden.

Christians view Christ as the Tree of Life and Jews as the Serpent, the children and synagogue of Satan. The Jews despise the Gospel of John, because it sets forth the propositions that Jesus on the cross is the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good of Evil (John 3:14-15), that Jews are distinct from Christians and are not keepers of the covenant, and that Jesus is the fruit of redemption and salvation and that in order to obtain eternal life one must consume his flesh and drink his blood so as to bite of the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (Genesis 2; 3).

Jews have always maintained that it is through their suffering and their suffering alone that redemption can be achieved and only Jews can obtain redemption. Jews believe that they are the Serpent tempting mankind with the knowledge of good and evil and that they are god, eternal life.

Jews worship themselves as the Serpent through circumcision, which bite into the forbidden fruit unviels the Serpent (as a snake sheds its skin), for Jews the phallic image is one of both the Tree of Everything depicted by the Sephirot and the Serpent and the penis as the font of life, one being the source, the id, the other being the ego, the root and the drive to obtain it, and the last being the superego above all. This is why Jews are fond of the image of a snake wrapped about a tree, which symbolizes the Serpent in the garden. For the Jews, Christians are pretenders to the id, the ego and the superego, which Goyim contain the Jews who would otherwise be free.

Moses is a symbol of the Serpent as the bringer of redemption and eternal life (Exodus 4:2-4. Numbers 21:8). Just as the Jews destroyed this image of the Tree of Life, they are compelled to destroy images of Christ on the Cross (II Kings 18:4).

Jews, as in the case of medical and pharmalogical symbols of the Staff of Asklepius and and the Karykeion of Hermes, understand themselves to be the Serpent messengering death and spreading knowledge of evil. This is why Jews perpetually attempt to corrupt Gentiles with pornography, decadent art, and other demoralizing imagery. They see themselves as the Serpent in the garden of the naive, corrupting and killing the best of the Goyim just as the Serpent poisoned the seed of the Goyim by tempting, and copulating with, Eve.

The Jews want to use the drives of the individual as a weapon with which to destroy the conscience of the individual, and on a societal level want to destroy the Christian Church as the conscience of the people while concurrently providing the temptation towards, and materials of, evil so as to bring death to the Goyim. Though this has the appearance of a secular exercise in subversion, it is instead a religious exercise, the "Jewish mission".

I will have more to say on this subject as time permits.