Friday, November 26, 2010

How the Jews Can Steal Your Freedom and Your Life in the Name of "Libertarianism"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Take a glimpse into one possible hypothetical future if the Libertarians take control of America. Imagine that in the name of "freedom", the Libertarians render the government impotent except where the powers of the State promote the interests of a hostile ruling class of Jews.

Imagine that the government refuses to regulate genetically modified organisms even if yet undeveloped GMO's emerge which are proven to cause massive increases in cancer and birth defects. Picture the hypothetical scenario where a Libertarian government declares that it is the "right" of every corporation to produce such organisms and introduce them into the environment and sell them as food, and states that it is the function of the marketplace, not the government, to stop the destruction of human life.

Next consider the possibility that the most wealthy persons in the World, all Jews, work in collusion to restrict what has become under the Libertarians a private currency cartel, choking off the economy by deflating that currency. A new world emerges where there are only immensely wealthy Jews, and horrifically impoverished Gentiles. In the name of "protecting free markets", the Libertarian government uses a State military to destroy all crops which carry the genes of the GMO's but which are not licensed by the corporations which engineered and patented those genes.

The Libertarian government declared that it is the "right" of the Jewish owned corporations to spray all fields with the pollen of their GMO's. Famine reigns and there are no longer non-GMO species.

The Jews demand that the starving Gentiles submit to sterilization before being allowed to purchase food from stores, all of which are then owned by Jews. Jews, who own all the farms, refuse to sell food to distributors who are not Jewish. It is their "right", their "freedom" to discriminate in this way, claim the Libertarians. The Jews demand that any Gentile who would buy food from them bear a tattoo on their forehead and submit to sterilization.

The Gentiles demand that the government take action to stop the Jews from genociding the Gentiles, but the Jews have bought every politician and the politicians claim that Gentiles are "free" to not buy food, but cannot "discriminate" against the Jews' "right" to monopolize the food business.

The Jews have bought up all the internet service providers and publishing houses. All public information is under their control and they censor it to only allow statements which deify Jews and condemn Gentiles. Jews are encouraged to act collectively because they are supposedly divine and their religion requires them to do so and it is their "religious freedom" to do so, while Gentiles are ridiculed and taught to hate and distrust one another. All talk of the negative effects of the new GMO's is censored, and those who speak it are blacklisted by the Jews and must starve to death.

As you can see, it is very easy for the Jews to steal your freedom and your life by tricking you into granting them the "freedom" to do so.