Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Jewish State Within Our American State, Or Is It the Dormant and Suppressed American State Within the Hostile and Ruling Jewish State?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

From their own fabricated myths of Egyptian captivity to present day America, the Jews have always deliberately formed a State within a State. But we must understand the true nature and function of this alien and hostile Jewish nation occupying our borders if we hope to gain our sovereignty from it.

Some may believe that the Jews are a nation apart, meaning that they form their own independent and distinct nation, which is separate from, unconcerned with, and not directly involved in the original nation that the Jews have come to occupy. As if the Jews were a small segregated colony that kept to itself, managed its own affairs and left its neighbors in peace.

However, the reality is that the American State exists within the Jewish State and is only independent of it to the limited extent that our traditions, mindset and instincts keep us sovereign over ourselves, if not our land. Sovereignty lies in the People, in their minds, their property and their willingness and dignity to defend themselves and their countrymen; but the Jews have usurped even that by controlling the educational systems, media and politics; and our property and future through usury, perpetual war and capitalism. The Jews thereby control the mentality and self image of most Americans and their property, rendering them subjects and servants of the Jewish State. Let me be very clear that I am not confusing or confounding America with the Judaean State that exists on our land. They are separate and distinct, but the Jews presently rule the majority.

Ironically, Jewish capitalism has left our capital polluted and/or unused. Jews are internationalists, believing the World is theirs. The Jews direct capital to regions where labor is cheapest, and try to maximize profits without regard for the environment, Gentiles, or the quality or nature of resources, goods and services produced or exploited. Jews are as comfortable in the sex and drug trades in America and Israel, as they are in making Communist China a gargantuan slave plantation to serve them and their Jewish interests. Jewish capitalism and internationalism reduce humanity to the lowest common denominator, destroy Gentile nations, cultures, peoples and the planet, and ultimately stagnate and degenerate capital into unsustainable and unproductive poisonous junk.

The POWER PARTY recognizes that the Jews are a nation at war with America. The debts the Jewish nation has accrued are owed by it, and not the American People. The property the Jews have stolen from us belongs to us and not them. As our mortal enemy, they can own no American property, and as a genocidal nation bent on exterminating the human race, can own no property at all.

We sit like trained circus bears in a stream full of fat salmon, starving to death because the Jews have trained us to believe that the fish belong to them and we cannot eat them because by doing so we would take away our own freedom. America has all we need to prosper right under our feet. We need only make use of our People and our land for our own benefit to have all we need and more, but we presently have an enemy nation occupying our land and our minds, and we need to rid ourselves of it and its influence, not only over us, but the entire human race.

The Jew is a little aggressive mutt that hovers over the trained tiger's food bowl and convinces the tiger that it cannot eat its own food. One quick chomp, and the hostile little cur is gone and the tiger can have its fill in peace, but it must first raise the courage and muster up its dignity. Perhaps showing the tiger another tiger that ripped away the dog, would help it to realize that it has the power to preserve itself from the aggressor.

If we were to eliminate the Jewish nation from our shores, we would eliminate its debts and free ourselves from debt bondage. We could immediately make use of our resources and people for our own benefit, instead of the benefit of internationalist Jews. We could teach our people to love themselves and each other and we could end the Jewish degeneration of our self image and national cohesion. We could expel foreigners and build our own culture and enjoy the benefits of our low population per square mile making America our sustainable paradise and enjoying it without guilt, penalty or perpetual war.

There is no need for Americans to struggle from cradle to grave under a yoke of debt and perpetual war. The debts we foolishly pay are the Jews' debts as are the wars. The Jews' worst war is the war it is presently waging on America, in part by forcing Americans to war on the World. How can win a war that never ends and makes the rest of humanity our enemy? If you believe the wars the Jewish State occupying America has waged on Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan are primarily wars on those nations, you are sadly deluded. They are instead primarily Jewish wars on America meant to destroy the last vestiges of our nation so that the Jews can have it all to themselves, that "it" being our souls, our land, our property, our future, our lives, all turned to "**it".

Become fully American and remove the Jew from your mind, your land and your property. But do not export it or it will turn others against you. Instead contain it in absolute isolation even from itself until the threat is gone. Break up the Jewish nation and its networks and infrastructure wherever they are found. It is the only way for us to remove the enemy nation that occupies our land.

Whether America is a dormant, latent or potential nation is yet to be proven. At present our human dignity has not manifested itself and shaken off the Jewish infestation. As humans it is our sovereign right to have our own nation free of the Jewish State. If we fail to be human, there is no hope. If we claim our birthright, we will have an easy march to victory and freedom.

It is not our duty to suffer the rabies of the Jews out of sympathy for our sick enemy. It is instead our duty to quarantine the sick Jew and preserve our health. History has proven over and over again that admitting the intolerance which is the Jewish People into your nation does nothing to cure the perverse, incurably ill Jew; and instead only serves to infect the host nation--turned slave nation--into genocidal aggressors, who ultimately consume themselves with their Jewish manufactured war on the World.

Time after time the Jews have turned healthy nations into Jewish nations of murderous madmen hated by all. The only remedy is to reclaim your State and the only means to do this is to remove the Jew from any and all influence, and make the State a servant of the People, instead of an aggressor against them, a Jewish aggressor.