Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Middle Path to Our Victory in 2012

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



The POWER PARTY can win popular support by ridiculing and mocking the extremist positions of the Republican and Democratic parties.

We should blacken the Republicans as Christian Zionists who sell out America to Israel and who want to genocide the human race so that they can be raptured. The POWER PARTY should run ads exposing the endless wars as Trotskyite "Permanent Revolution". We can also, and more importantly, mock the genocidal murderous maniacs by running ads which show Christian Zionists cheering as nuclear bombs fall, then running, screaming and at last vaporizing when they fail to be raptured. It will be very easy to mock and demonize these inhuman and deluded demons.

We will portray the Democrats as Bolsheviks who steal from the poor and give to the rich Jewish bankers. This will shock Democrats who have long falsely portrayed themselves as if champions of the poor. Our ads will show horrific images of the Great Depression and "Young Turk", Bolshevik and Khmer Rouge atrocities.

We will then demonstrate how both parties work together towards the same ends, depressions and wars. We will show that both are in bed with the Communist Chinese and the Jews.

The American People will see, because we will show them, that there is no other choice but the POWER PARTY. Our way to victory lies in proving to sound minds that the other parties are extremist enemies of the American People who are deliberately ruining America–who are at war against America, and in proving that our platform will improve their lives, literally save their lives and our nation from the traitorous and murderous extremists of the coopted and hostile Republican and Democratic parties.

We have to make it clear to Americans that it is we who represent their mainstream views. We must not be or become a party of balkanization, or Bolshevik revolution. Our goal must be and remain to strengthen American industry and agriculture, and to retain and expand our territory and other wealth. We should promote the expansion of our population by encouraging families, not immigration. We should improve our workforce by improving our educational and training institutions and by creating jobs that pay a living wage, not by importing cheap foreign workers.

The Jews will undoubtedly try to mirror and smear my ideas, and thereby coopt and corrupt them; but we will have an easy time exposing their maneuvers, especially now that they have betrayed the tea partiers. The Jews will soon introduce a new third party on the Soros color revolution model, and this party will claim every victory based on vote fraud allegations, but will do nothing to guarantee verifiable elections. Their goals will be to coerce Americans into destroying American industry with crippling strikes in the name of dissent, to destroy American government in the name of opposition, and to destroy Americanism in the name of unity. They will promote and engineer chaos and ruin at every opportunity, which is what Communists are taught to do. But if we are smart in our approach, their attack on the Democrats and Republicans will pave the way for our POWER PARTY.