Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The New Dollar Must Exclude Jews

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Chinese have an absolute incentive to expose the Jewish bankers. Their dollar holdings compel them to do so, but instead the Chinese are attempting to internationalize the Fed, which approach conforms to the Jewish model of an international currency.

Why have the Chinese been so lax in their propaganda? They are masters of espionage and have sapped America of its trade secrets and markets. Why do the Chinese not wage a propaganda war on the Jewish bankers so as to secure their dollar holdings?

It would be easy for the Chinese to produce documentary films and news reports detailing how the Jews are destroying the value of their dollar holdings, and how the Jews are deliberately ruining America. Why don't the Chinese attempt to mold American, and World public opinion?

The Chinese and other Asian nations want American wealth, real American wealth in the form of land and natural resources. The Chinese are in bed with the Jews, as I have been saying for years. The Jews have promised the Asians that they will eventually secure their investment in American dollars with real property, based on the eminent domain and full faith and credit of the government of the United States. We must never let this happen. The Jews and Asians will take everything we have through this form of usury.

The Jews also want to place us on a gold standard and loan us the gold to do so, but there will be no real gold backing the loan. Instead the Jews will issue electronic credits which are not backed by real gold, and the Jews will block specie payments. The Jews will demand that the interest on the gold they supposedly have loaned us be paid in gold we must trade off our real wealth to acquire, and by that real wealth itself. In this way, the Jews will steal all of our precious metals, our lands, our agriculture, our industry, our freedom, our security and our future.

Should the POWER PARTY come to power, we will issue a new dollar backed by our productive capacity, and we will ban Jews from using our new dollar. We will insist that Jews produce for themselves all that they wish to trade for with others. This will prevent the Jews from being middle men and/or capitalists. It will force Jews to produce if they would survive. Barter only for Jews, and Jews may only trade what they themselves have produced and may not trade in the goods others have produced.

Likewise, we will not permit the Chinese and other Asians to use us as if we are slaves on a plantation who must indenture ourselves to them in order to obtain goods and services. The Asians will be paid back largely by the Jews, and that fair portion of what we owe them they will only be able to recover by a tax designed for the purpose on goods they export to America in order to import goods from American producers. We will only permit barter. In this way, the Asians must consume our goods in order to recover debts we owe them.

The POWER PARTY will tax Chinese goods to pay the Chinese the debts we owe them, but the Chinese will only be allowed to trade goods for goods, and will not be permitted to sell us anything until and unless all debts are cleared. Chinese goods sold in the American marketplace will bear a tax to be paid by Americans, which revenue will then be used to purchase American made goods to be transported to the Chinese as payment on the debt. We will only make these payments if the Chinese scale down their military, constrain North Korea and free Taiwan. We will also reassess and reduce the debt based on Chinese and Asian exploitation of our markets and currency.

In this way, we will protect American goods and effectively subsidize them, disincentivize the purchase of Chinese goods, and promote World peace.

We will also cut off the Jews from wealth and capitalism and free ourselves from their grasp. Jews will be forced to trade in their old dollars and all of their property, for a modest means of obtaining sustenance, sort of like what the Jews did to the Russians and other Slavs in the gulags. Jews who attempt to subvert our currency, or who attempt to flee with it or trade in it outside the USA, will be subject to trial in absentia and the issue of death warrants attended by a bounty.

Whether Americans realize it or not, we are fighting for our survival and it is time to start fighting.