Tuesday, November 23, 2010

On the Jewish Apologist "Lionaxe's" Sophistry and What It Reveals About Those Who Elect to Be Jews

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



The Jewish apologist[s] childishly calling itself "Lionaxe", after the form of a crypto-Jew, which entity spreads Jewish propaganda in forums opposed to undue Jewish influence, inspires me to write about an interesting phenomenon I have observed among such Jewish apologists. I note that it is still not a settled question whether this entity "Lionaxe" is a single person, a group of Jewish apologists, or an institution. Let the Jewish apologist[s] gain the courage of its [their] kosher convictions and speak its [their] real name[s] and so let the Devil appear by speaking its own name.

I will focus on one of "Lionaxe's" many sophistical tendencies, its fallacy of the reification of concepts and abstractions. I have noticed that Jewish apologists, whether of Jewish descent or not, are stereotypically Jewish in their mentality and behavior, far more so than the average Jew born of Jewish parents and grandparents. It seems as if Jewish apologists want to be quintessentially Jewish in every aspect of their being, no matter how repugnant that makes them to normal human beings.

Take for instance "Lionaxe's" adoption of Einstein's fallacies of reifying the abstractions of space and time, and presumably of the abstraction of space-time. Its acceptance of these fallacies leads "Lionaxe" to set forth the additional fallacies of the false premise and the non sequitur, that if Einstein somehow modified Poincare's ideas, then Einstein was entitled to repeat any and all aspects of Poincare's ideas without an attribution.

Einstein stated the same false premise and non sequitur,

"It appears to me that it is the nature of the business that what follows has already been partly solved by other authors. Despite that fact, since the issues of concern are here addressed from a new point of view, I believe I am entitled to leave out what would be for me a thoroughly pedantic survey of the literature, all the more so because it is hoped that these gaps will yet be filled by other authors, as has already happened with my first work on the principle of relativity through the kind efforts of Mr. Planck and Mr. Kaufmann."--A. Einstein, "Ueber die vom Relativitaetsprinzip gefordterte Traegheit der Energie", Annalen der Physik, Series 4, Volume 23, (1907), pp. 371-384, at 373.

The false premise is that Einstein added a novel perspective vastly different from his predecessors. The non sequitur is that this false premise, even were it instead true, granted Einstein license to disregard his responsibility to name those whose work he repeated.

Einstein aggrandized himself, like "Lionaxe", and personally attacked those who disagreed with him, like "Lionaxe". "Lionaxe" is of a very similar personality type to its hero Einstein, the "Jewish saint".

The Cabalistic Jew and Jewish apologist Isaac Newton thought and acted in the same manner. He, too, was guilty of the fallacy of the reification of abstractions. He, too, insulted those who disagreed with him as a method of argument. He, too, thought it unnecessary to cite the work of others which he repeated as if novel work of his own.

It is interesting that each of these persons and/or groups are drawn to the mythologies of absolutes, be it the reification of non-existent "space", "time", "inertial reference systems", and/or in the case of Einstein and "Lionaxe" of non-existent "space-time" and the hypothesis of the absolute velocity of light. It appears that those who are Jewish by choice are of a personality type that tends to be ridiculously conceited, unfair, hyperaggressive and sophistical, clinging to absolutist fallacies of the reification of concepts, abstractions and meaningless mathematical symbols.

The Jewish apologists who claim to be Christians also tend to be dogmatic in a similar fashion. They are pantheistic, polytheistic, intolerant, obscenely conceited and blind to alternative points of view. They reify political perspectives to the point of deifying them.

There is something to this tendency of those who promote Jewish interests to be of a specific personality profile. It is a type which is magnetically drawn to make of itself the hideous stereotypical Jew and one which believes its mental abstractions and metaphysical delusions are instead physical reality, and one which demands that all others submit to its will to substitute its mythologies for the physical universe in spite of the obvious facts.