Friday, November 12, 2010

"Perfidy" and Glenn Beck

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The latest brouhaha Glenn Beck has stirred up over the Holocaust and George Soros reminds me of Rudolf Kastner and Joel Brand. I discussed Kastner and Brand in my book The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein at pages 1043-1045 and 1602-1644. I wonder if Soros is being warned about his appearance in the new film Inside Job directed by Charles Ferguson? Is this all theater? I wonder if Beck is being positioned to lead the Right against the Left, with Jewish bankers controlling both sides? And why is it that we are constantly told that the best policy is to let the banks fail, in effect consolidating them into one monopolized bank? How would that solve our economic problems, and who will own the superbank? Let the banks fail, but we must prosecute the bankers who have crippled our economy, and create a new system that serves us, instead of bankers, if we would survive.

Beck presumes to lecture us in the following videos, but where does Rupert Murdoch fit into Beck's Weltanschauung?

Beck TV: How Much Does George Soros Control?

Day Two: Beck Explains Soros Control Game Plan