Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Preventing War: An Art, Science, Or?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



Since 2005, I have been publicly warning that the Jews are planning to wage aggressive war on the sovereign nation of Iran. Others were warning of this before me. When I began my campaign to expose this crime, many thought I was confusing Iran with Iraq.

Today, all understand.

So what am I, a US citizen, a parent, a human being, what am I to do to prevent this crime, which may result in the destruction of my nation, my family and perhaps the entire human race? As a citizen, my options are limited to the political process and the judicial process. I have long explored both options, but am constrained by the cowardice and mass insanity of my fellow citizens, but I am not deterred from pursuing my obligations and duties as an individual.

I have created the philosophical and practical groundwork of a political party which would prevent the coming catastrophe, at least in the form the Jews currently have planned. I have also made this party flexible enough to address coming contingencies, and unforseen dangers, and avoid anything else the Jews will do to destroy.

I have produced educational materials informing people as to the ways and means by which the Jews have corrupted our government so as to deliberately destroy our nation and instigate a third horrific world war. I have devoted a large portion of my time and other resources to forwarding this one man campaign of self defense for the human race.

In response, the Jews have waged smear campaign after smear campaign against me, each based on lies and deliberate misrepresentations. The Jews have plagiarized my work, and used their networks and funds to try to steal my thunder and redirect my message into ways which demoralize and confuse Americans, rather than inspire and educate them, which is what my work accomplishes.

The latest Jewish smear campaign is meant to attack me for pointing out that Hitler was an agent of the Jews, who brought death and destruction to the World, and who created the conditions for the spread of Communism through Europe and America, and the formation of the Jewish State in Palestine. These Jews lie and claim that I have denounced the productive accomplishments and methods the Nazis employed to make Germany a nation strong enough to compete militarily with the alliance, but the truth is that I have always stated that we should study and adopt that which is beneficial to us regardless of the source of those ideas. I suspect these Jewish propagandists would find it impossible to quote me directly and demonstrate a single instance where I have forwarded ideas in conflict with the productive actions taken to better Germany and Europe in the 1930's and 1940's.

But these Jewish liars do not concern themselves with truth. Their paid job is to smear me with lies, so as to confuse and demoralize you and prevent you from joining me in a peaceful political solution to the Jewish plan to provoke America into war with Iran.

My job as a citizen is to continue to tell the truth and substantiate my claims with verifiable facts. Your job as a citizen is the same, to become politically active and study the methods the Jews use to misdirect you into becoming their servant, and/or render you demoralized and irrelevant.

I am also obligated as a citizen to pursue the matter in the courts. We ought to sue the war mongers and/or banking thieves. But this requires resources I, as an individual, do not possess. However, I do possess the valuable knowledge and research talents to render the likelihood of success of such an approach. I cannot do all of these things alone, but I am obliged to pursue them, even if I must do so alone. I will not go gently into that goodnight and there is always hope that my message and work will catch on at any time, which is why the Jews, often under pseudonyms, relentlessly attack me with proven lies.

What else can I do to prevent the coming war? Surely I must do more. I have exposed Ahmadinejad and the leadership of Iran as crypto-Jews. I have exposed the gangrene revolution in Iran as a Jewish subversion intended to weaken Iran prior to an attack. But I can do little to prevent Iran's leaders from assisting the Jews in demonizing Iran in American public opinion, and I can do little but offer suggestions as to how the Iranians could better expose the Jews, which I have repeatedly done, again much to the chagrin of the Jews who try to smear me so as to confuse and demoralize you.

As an individual, I have done all I can to expose the Israelis and their bloodlust. I think I have done a very good job of that, having set forth their religious, political and racist agenda with unmatched clarity and force. My arguments go unchallenged, though a few liars have put words in my mouth which I never spoke in order to create strawmen of their manufacture, not mine, to knock down as if triumphantly.

Despite these repeated assaults, my reputation and my work stand unrefuted and perhaps unimpeachable by those who limit themselves to the truth.

I have done much to delay the coming attack on Iran. In fact, I have delayed it beyond any time limits I had a right to expect. But I have not yet succeeded in permanently halting it. Perhaps just a handful more people doing what I have done could achieve this needed result. But those who pretend to do so today are mostly helping the Jews to use you to put more warmongers into power.

I do not have power at present to silence Jewish propagandists and I depend on you to sort out for yourself what is true and what is not, and what will accomplish the desired goal of the destruction of Jewish power and the ascension of a political philosophy and force that benefits the human race, rather than destroy it. Thus far, you are failing yourselves, your families, your nation and the human race, not so much because you fail to see the truth in what I am telling you, but rather because you fail to act on it and defend it. I have seen that the Jews' smear campaigns against me have all backfired on them, and for that I thank you.

Science produces technology and art depends upon material support, and the science and art of preventing war are no different. We need to build networks and fund organizations that achieve the ends we must accomplish. Expect the Jews to lie and use every underhanded means to subvert this process. Toughen yourselves and join the fight.

I don't find Pascal's wager a compelling religious argument, but a political variation of it makes sense to me. If we fight we may be beaten down, or we may win our freedom and our future, and by fighting we maintain our honor and our humanity. If we cower, we will certainly lose everything, and have already surrendered our honor and our humanity to Jewry.

We must address this issue of scientifically and artistically preventing war and arrive at a solution. There is no other option which will benefit us. But you must do more, much, much more. Don't waste too much of your time quibbling with the liars who attack me. I would rather you spent your time more productively attacking the top centers of Jewish power, rather than fight in the internet streets with the rabid dogs they sic on me.

We don't need to forever revisit WWII and be distracted perpetually with arguments over whether Jews are Khazars or aliens or snakes, or whether or not Hitler was working for the Jews. We know who the enemy is and it stands naked before us today, relentlessly attacking us. We need only fight it back directly and without hesitation. Don't waste too much time fighting the dogs. Take on the leaders of Jewry at the highest level by becoming politically and judicially active. And lose your fear of the Jews so you can regain your tongue.

One of the reasons why the Jews who pretend to be opposed to Jewry want to distract us with arguments about Hitler is because people around the World are losing their fear of being called "anti-Semites". The Jews must face this reality and are responding by promoting Zionism in the Nazi form of segregating Jews and shipping them to Palestine. Furthermore, the Jews want to scare fellow Jews into fleeing to Israel. The Jews also want to promote the myth that a military junta, a dictatorship, is the solution to the Jewish problem, so that the Jews can strip us of our liberty in the name of freeing us. See the Jewish bankers' attack dogs for what they are, Bolshevik Jews who lie and smear and try to control your thinking in ways in which they can provoke you to destroy yourselves the way Hitler destroyed Europe leading it into a split against itself in WWII, then the Cold War and now the Bolshevist EU. One clear tell is the fact that these agents of the Jews dress themselves in gold and silver, they are Goldbergs and Silbermans.

Now that the Jews are losing their ability to intimidate us into silence with the bogus charge of "anti-Semitism", they are focusing more heavily than ever before on seeking to provoke us into discrediting ourselves by doning the Hakenkreuz, and they desperately seek to demoralize you and render you impotent, in part by attacking leaders such as myself, leaders who have demonstrably crippled Jewry on several fronts. Watch for them. You can recognize them by the fact that they are liars, they love gold and silver, they love Hitler who gave them Palestine, and they are always defeatists who try to demoralize you when you genuinely organize to oppose the Jews, but are also opportunists who encourage you to support controlled opposition to the Jews, like the Paul's, the "Objectivists" and the "Libertarians". They despise me for exposing the Paul's, The Libertarians, the Goldbugs and Aaron Russo, and they will continue to attack me with lies, currently believing their best method of attack is to get us distracted over arguments about Hitler's ultimate motives, because they worry much about my exposure of their Libertarian agenda and their funding by the gold cartel of Jews.