Sunday, November 07, 2010

Rand Paul Vindicates My Accusations that His Father Ron Paul Is a Loyal Zionist

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In the following video, Rand Paul insists that his father is a loyal Zionist based upon Ron Paul's record. Rand Paul points out, just as I did more than 2 years ago, that Ron Paul wants to cut off aid to what he considers to be "Israel's enemies", the Arabs, and that Ron Paul refused to condemn Israel for illegally bombing Iraq's nuclear facilities. Rand Paul stated, as proof of his father's fidelity to Israel, exactly reiterating what I said almost three years ago:

"The interesting thing about it is, is that actually my father has been in favor of defunding Israel's enemies, and not giving foreign aid to Israel's enemies. He's also been in favor of. . . and this has been some years ago, but there was an attack where Israel attacked a nuclear reactor in Iraq many years ago and he was one of the very few who voted not to condemn Israel in that."Rand Paul, 55 seconds into the following video: Kentucky U.S. Senate Candidate Rand Paul on Israel

Clearly, the poisoned apple did not fall far from the poisoned tree.

I raised these points almost three years ago and was aggressively attacked by some fanatical American Ron Paul supporters, many of whom claim to be "anti-Zionists", for stating that which Ron Paul's own son would later state with obsequious pride. On 11 January 2008, I published the following article:

Ron Paul's Radical Zionism Comes Out in the Debate, January 11, 2008

Ron Paul has again made it crystal clear that he is a Zionist. In fact, Ron Paul boasts that he was the only one to defend Israel when Israel illegally bombed Iraq in the below YouTube video @ 6:30 min. Is Ron Paul looking forward to an Israeli attack on Iran?

Ron Paul again stated that his policy of cutting off aid to Israel will benefit Israel because he will also cut off all Arabs, whom he defines in the broadest terms as if enemies of Israel. Paul does not state that Israel has proven itself to be the enemy of Arab nations. Ron Paul wants to benefit Israel by letting them do as they please to the Palestinians, Lebanese, Iranians, etc. and hopes that by cutting off aid to Arabs, whom he credits with receiving three times the aid which Israel receives, he will empower Israel to dominate the Arab nations. These are but a few of the Zionist policies for which Ron Paul stands:

Ron Paul at the South Carolina Debate 1-10-08

In the following article and related video clip, Zionist Wolf Blitzer encourages Ron Paul to do a little damage control and affords him the opportunity to do so:

Ron Paul '90s newsletters rant against blacks, gays

It is interesting to note that Ron Paul's mentor, "Ayn Rand" born Alisa Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum, was also a radical Zionist. She considered the Arabs to be inferior human beings to the Jews of Israel.

On 18 January 2008, I published the following article:

The Pro-Paul Sophistry of Israel Shamir, January 18, 2008

An Israeli Jew named Israel Shamir is telling us to vote for Ron Paul:

Supporting Ron Paul

Shamir admits that Paul is NOT an anti-Zionist, but does not acknowledge the demonstrable fact that Ron Paul is an extreme Zionist, a Zionist so extreme that he praised Israel for illegally bombing Iraq. Israel, Shamir that is, tells us not to bother our poor little American heads with the facts which prove that Ron Paul is working against our anti-Zionist interests and Paul is telling us NOT to discuss "911 truth". According to Israel Shamir our primary concern is to prevent war and defang the USA.

Is Israel Shamir oblivious to the fact that we are headed towards war with Iran as a result of Zionist warmongering, and that the only means to combat Zionist warmongering is to confront it and thereby defang the Zionists who are leading us into war with Iran? America is not the problem. Zionist Jews, Israel and Israel's treacherous fifth column and fourth estate in America are the problem. Why is Shamir scapegoating Americans for Zionist Jewry's attacks on Islam and the rest of humanity, including Jews?

How is Ron Paul, an avowed Zionist himself and a member of Israel's fifth column, going to prevent war with Iran when Paul will not challenge the Zionist warmongers, but instead praises and encourages their aggression? How is Ron Paul going to end Jewish false flag terrorism, when Paul enables it by blaming Moslems for Jewish acts of terror and war against the United States?

Israel, the Jewish State that is, is preparing to attack Iran and the US will inevitably be dragged into this conflict by Zionist Jews and their agents. Even if Ron Paul were an anti-Zionist, and he is not, as President, Paul would be obliged by the Constitution to wage any war the Congress would declare. Shamir does NOT advise us to attempt to persuade Ron Paul of the error of his ways, but rather asks us to ignore our interests and favor Ron Paul who opposes anti-Zionists and "911 truthers", and instead favors Israel and Zionism.

If we want to prevent a war with Iran, then we have to stop the Zionist Jews who are deliberately forcing us into war with Iran. Ron Paul not only will not take this necessary step, he attacks any and all who do take this necessary step. If we want to defend ourselves from Jewish false flag terrorism, then we need to expose previous acts of Jewish false flag terrorism. Ron Paul will not only not take this necessary step, he attacks any and all who do take this necessary step.

In the first chapter of my book, The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein, on pages 32-88, I proved that Zionist Jews have often made the nations weary of war and then offer supposed solutions for war, which were detrimental to the nations, but would allegedly bring peace. Jewry knows that it is always easier to make a deal favorable to itself if the other party is desperate to make the deal. World Jewry makes us weary of war and then offers up their solutions which will allegedly bring peace, but at some horrible price, be it the loss of national sovereignty, loss of territory, or Jewish led revolution which nihilistically destroys government. Then World Jewry again deliberately brings us into war.

The Jewish "Ron Paul Revolution" is no exception. After Jewry has deliberately made us weary of war and brought us to the brink of economic collapse, the Zionists have left us on the two horns of a dilemma which they have created, either vote for their warmongers, or vote for their goldmonger who promises a revolution which will destroy America. Ron Paul has openly advocated an Israeli attack on Iran, which he must know will result in a war between the US and Iran. So their goldmonger is also a warmonger in disguise.

The Ron Paul pushers want us to submit to the ruin of the American Federal Government, and the adoption of the Gold Standard, which would bring famine and ruin to the World. The Ron Paul pushers want us to turn a blind eye to Ron Paul's Zionism and refusal to challenge Jewish false flag terrorism; because, so they allege, this will empower Ron Paul to put an end to Israeli aggression. If it weren't so deadly serious, the farce of their sophistry would be laughable.

If we want to end Jewish aggression against humanity, then we must fight back against those Jews who are committing aggression against us. Scapegoating Americans in general for this Jewish led aggression only enables the Zionist warmongers and will bring about more Jewish manufactured war. The "Ron Paul Revolution" is a Zionist front. It is not a solution to war. The solution to war is to directly confront World Jewry, which Ron Paul has pledged NOT to do.