Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Real Reason for QE2 Is to Fund a New War

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Ellen Brown has defended QE2 as a step in the right direction towards debt free money:

QE2: It's the Federal Debt, Stupid!

She maintains that the elections played a role in the Fed's decision, because the rise of the Republicans meant a likely failure of the government to raise sufficient revenue through taxes.

When first I heard of QE2, I, too, felt a mild temptation to believe that perhaps there was some attempt being made to rescue America if only for a brief period. I, too, noticed the campaign to attack Bernanke.

But a little study of the problem has led me to conclude that QE2 is all about funding the next war, probably an attack on Iran. The Fed's decision came one day after the elections:

Read the Fed statement

The timing is not a coincidence. As I predicted long ago would happen if we failed to prevent it, the election has brought several fanatical warmongers into power with strong ties to the Jewish lobby and Christian Zionists. The time is now ripe for an attack on Iran or some other new war for Israel.

Wars require funding. Just before WWI, the Jews created the Federal Reserve to fund the war. Just before WWII, the Jews taught the Nazis how to print money to fund that war. The Jews are now printing money to fund WWIII.

Our military is decaying. Not only are we exhausting our resources, we are failing to fund needed research and development, in favor of waging aggressive war, which leaves us at a terrible disadvantage to Russia and China who fund their militaries and their military research without the burden of funding unnecessary wars. We are falling behind, decades behind, other nations in our research and development of war materials. Money is needed not only to fund existing wars, not only to fund new wars, but also to fund research, development and production of new war materials as our stocks are depleted.

Of course, should inflation develop, the Jews will stab us in the back again by hawking us gold which nowhere exists, and that is why the Jews argue both sides of the coin, in a manner of speaking. But for now, their plans are to use their new puppets in Congress and the States to bring on a war, and this will take funding. There will be a QE4 and 5 and 6 and 7, until the Jews start detonating nuclear bombs around the globe and all is lost.

Jews only print money to make and perpetuate war. War is coming unless we stop it. Hopefully you will do more to help me prevent it than you did to help me prevent the results of the last election, which I told you a year before they happened.