Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Suggestion for President Ahmadinejad

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I suggest that President Ahmadinejad host a scholarly conference devoted to questions of the connections between President Obama and the Jews, specifically the Jewish bankers. There should be a live feed of this conference, and a journal of proceedings should be published on the internet as well as a journal of papers devoted to the same subjects.

Look into the Senate race which thrust Obama into the national limelight, as I have done, and expose the players from Goldman Sachs in that race as well as in the Presidential race and among the members of government. Look into the Jews who groomed and promoted Obama into the White House.

Explore how the Jewish bankers stole trillions upon trillions of dollars from the American People and the World. Shine a spotlight on this issue, as you have done on the Holocaust. See my videos:

Obama and the Bankers

Obama and the Bankers: Part 2

The topics discussed should also include the Jewish bankers' "color" revolutions, which subject will surely be of interest to Iranians.