Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What the Jews Have Promised the Russians and Chinese

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



Place yourself in the Russian perspective. Pick up a World map and examine the nations surrounding Asia. Now think about the fruits of the Cold War and the world wars.

Russia and China are surrounded by Muslim nations and by NATO. Why did Russia and China allow the US to neuter Islam, and concurrently build a military presence in their neighborhood?

One can readily understand why the Russians and Red Chinese would want to see the Muslims castrated so as to create a soft buffer between their nations and all others. But this is NOT what has taken place. Instead, America has gained a military foothold in region.

So why do the Russians and Chinese sponsor this Jewish manufactured American aggression?

The Chinese are increasingly content to trade with the US and Japan. The Russians learned from their Jewish manufactured experience in Afghanistan, and their own attempts to capture Islam for the Soviet Union, how wars and expansion bring down empires. The Jews have instructed the Russians and Chinese to bide their time until America neuters itself by neutering others. Russia and China will then be surrounded by a dead zone of crippled Muslims and abandoned American military bases.

Africa, too, is being beaten into dead dust. South America is the prize, the juicy fruit the Jews are ripening, having promised it to China, and Europe to Russia.

The Russians and Chinese are waiting for America to die and encourage America to commit suicide in the Middle East. Israel is quite happy to see Africa, Europe and the Muslim Middle East neutered and destroyed. The Jews engineered this calamity and sit comfortably on the Mediterranean Sea like the Phoenicians whose land the Jews always sought to steal. Jews like to surround themselves with death and destruction and the map they have drawn appeals to the Russians and Chinese.

But the Russians have no love for the Chinese and do not want to see Chinese, Japanese and Koreans trading peaceably together. The Russians know that Red China will fall with America. The Chinese likewise are not comfortable with the Russians, and know that Russia will fall with Europe.

These Asian alliances will not last. They are of convenience, not conviction.

The Jews are instead preparing the way for a Third World War, as I have been stating for five years now. Though the Jews are drawing up the sides, there will be no victors, perhaps, there will be no survivors.

The Jews believe they must destroy every nation before their messiah can expose himself. This is stated in the Jewish Talmud in the Tractate Sanhedrin, folios 97-99, and throughout the Old Testament.

The Jews ultimately desire a World without Gentiles, not a World empire. The Jews ultimately desire a World without life, because only then, believe they, will their evil god grant them new life and a new world, as stated in the Jewish mythologies iterated in Ezekiel and Isaiah, the Talmud and Cabalah.

Ultimately, the Jews have promised the Americans, Europeans, South Americans, Africans, Australians and Asians only death, and the Jews deliver on their promise each and every day.