Wednesday, December 15, 2010

All the Signs Are There that the End Is Near: Beware Anti-Americanism!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Since 2005, I have been publicly warning that the Jews are turning the World against America. Among many other places, including recorded interviews and internet radio, I have tried to persuade my fellow citizens of the dangers of our aggressive wars and that they would turn the World against us as the Jews scapegoated us and our system for Jewish crimes:

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I knew this would happen, because I know the history of Jewish empire wrecking. When the Jews wanted to destroy the Ottoman Empire, which refused to sell Palestine to the Jews, the Jews deliberately brought the empire into debts, then cut off its credit. The Jews defamed the empire as the "sick man of Europe". The Jews claimed that Turks were genetically defective and criminal by nature. And the Jews pitted Muslims and Christians against one another so as to destroy both and leave the Jews standing in "Greater Israel". The Jews criticized the Ottoman government and sought constitutional reforms, turning the subjects of the empire against themselves. The Jews used their press and their man on the street spreading rumors and smears, and attacked the Turks for war crimes to turn the World against the Turks.

As part of the Jews' strategy to destroy the Ottoman Empire, and as part of the Jews' strategy to destroy the Russian Empire, the Jews pitted these two forces against each other in war after war, bringing them both into debt. The Jews defamed the Czar and Russia as being economically unviable, after the Jews deliberately brought economic hardship to the Russians by cutting off their access to the money markets, ginning up wars while manufacturing and financing Russia's enemies, including Japan, and by organizing and leading crippling strikes which destroyed the Russian nation, which strikes the Jews falsely blamed on the Czar and on Russian industry. The Jews criticized the Russian form of government and turned the Russian People against itself. Then the Jews brought in American Jews and Chinese to slaughter the best of the Russians. The Jews issued deceitful reports around the World of "Pogroms" they themselves manufactured and grossly exaggerated, so as to defame the Russians and earn them enemies.

When the Jews sought to destroy the German Empire, they ridiculed the Kaiser and German involvement in the Middle East and Africa. The Jews pitted Catholics and Protestants against each other and manufactured the Kulturkampf. The Jews instigated crippling strikes and did all they could to subvert German industry and agriculture. The Jews starved three-quarters of a million German civilians in the First World War, and tried to blame the Monarchy, ginning up Communist "revolution" in Germany. The Jews used their press and control over dissidents to generate anti-Germanism around the World, claiming that Germans are predisposed genetically to war and aggression, and must be ruined.

The Jews are doing the same to America. They have led us into wars and unpayable debts, and will cut us off from the money markets by destroying our currency. The Jews are defaming us around the World, and through our own dissidents, in order to make us enemies and demoralize us from within our own ranks. The Jews obviously want the World to attack us and slaughter tens of millions of us, if not hundreds of millions of us. That is why the Jews so heavily promote anti-Americanism and defeatism in the media they dominate, both mainstream and alternative.

They did it to the Ottoman Turks. They did it to the Imperial Germans. They did it to the Russians. Now, the Jews are ruining us.

All the signs are there that the Jews are planning an imminent coup and will bring foreign forces against us to attack us on our own soil. The Jewish dominated alternative media is calling for crippling strikes, promoting anti-Americanism and a military coup d'etat, and demanding defeatism and inaction. The Jewish dominated alternative media hype the Jews' gold standard and call upon us to help the Jews ruin our currency and our economy, and to hate and defeat ourselves and save the Jews the trouble of destroying us.

Beware the anti-American Americans, they are Jews in Goy clothing. The Jewish People have always been disloyal and hostile to the nations, and always will be if permitted to continue to exist.